The place where:
-Gym Meet engulfs your life for an entire month every year. March you whine through (at least '04 did). Song: You sing your version of the lyrics whenever it comes up on the radio. Aerobics: Is your regular workout routine. Dance: All your crew remembers it. Poster (at least '04's) you wanted the pirate version of angelina jolie to be real.
-Faculty... always push you hard, make you think, but make you laugh too.
-IPS was the bane of your existance.
-UNTIL PARALLEL consumed your life with the crazy presentations and massive amounts of papers.
-You all know who Senor is even if you took French.
-Love seeing the Japanese teacher with her blue hair and purple slippers.
-Know C. Lo's ridiculous jokes.
-Wear your old uniform in college for Halloween and people feel bad for you.
-Assure your friends the gym uniform is far worse yet you willingly wore both to local hangouts.
-Either joined or gagged at the "Bowheads"
-Ate so much yet mysteriously never gained weight
-had a guy radar and everyone drooled like mad when a guy entered the building
-saddles feel like slippers
-Class Colors and Chants are your life
(L to the I!)
-always come up with some excuse NOT to go into the swimming pool
-Senior Farewell Liturgy was filled with tears and jumping into the dreaded swimming pool

In general, it is a place where you learn, grow, and forge bonds that you never forget.
L to the I to the M to the E
To the B to the L to the U to the E
*Stomp Clap Clap Stomp Clap*
by Margaret of '04 April 21, 2005
ndp is pretty much the shit when it comes to private schools. ndp girls are essentially the hottest girls around. those that talk shit about us are usualy girls that couldnt get into ndp and wish they could wear our blue maids outfits and take part in gym meet (which outsiders will never understand). yes we are alcoholics....we're over that so stop saying it to us like we are offended. all of you outsiders are just mad that ndp girls can officially out drink any girl or guy. dont try to contradict anything in this definition, its true as hell. get over it.
you think you know....but you have no idea
by the packaged deal April 25, 2005
a all girl, private catholic school located in towson. Consisting of the hottest girls in the region, their lacrosse team winning the championship is a given. Most girls here consider being tan, blond and skinny as the biggest accomplishment. Their style is preppy mixed with the few fun stoners. The girls are considerably wealthy and use that money to buy as much alcohol as possibly consumed on the weekends (which is a lot because NDP girls can out drink all their peers.) Notre Dame Prep girls are the most fun to be around, and appreciate a fun time.
The NDP girls are so hott!
by NDP girl lover April 14, 2005
ndp pride,
Clearly you will get into a better college then the rest of us.
Oh yeah you spelled anorexic, bulimic, imitated, and duplicated wrong.

Wow, I think you're smarter then me!
(nope, maybe not)

Good try though!

^I think that speaks for itself!
by You're smartttttt May 08, 2005
i guess ahme really knows their shit huh? its funny how you think that ndp sucks when really you either couldnt get in or one of us rejected either case, im real sorry. that sucks. as for the definition of ndp, let me set a few things straight:

-yes we love to eat.
-no we are not bullemic or aneorexic, i'm sorry that you are fatter.
-no we are not sluts.
-yes your boyfriends love us, don't hate us because we're hot.
-yes some of us make out with our friends.
-no we are not lesbians...once again, your boyfriends love us.
-yes gym meet rocks, often immitaded never dublicated.
-no you will never understand gym meet if you don't go to ndp.
-no maryvale's can't compare.
-yes we can drink.
-yes we do drugs.
-no we are not crackwhores.
-yes our uniforms are ugly.
-yes we make them look hotter then you ever could.
-yes we date loyola boys, calvert hall boys, st. paul's boys, BL boys....the list goes on.
-no we do not wear ribbons on our heads, time to update the stereotype.
-yes we will go to a better college then you
-no we will never forget one another when we go
-yes we will marry rich, drive suburbans, and be milfs
-yes you will be working for our husbands
-no we are not snobs
-yes we are better then you ever could be
-no you are not cooler then us.
-dude there's an ndp girl
-man..i wish i could be like her
by ndp pride May 03, 2005
stuck up, self absorbed, spoiled rich girl sluts.
-hi i go to ndp.
-oh so you're not a virgin.
by igetfuckedupontheweekends May 02, 2005
Dumb sluts. They think they can drink, and they try to drink, then they pass out in puddles of their own puke, after fucking just about anybody whos willing, or drunk enough to have lost all self control(myself included, although I'm not particularly proud). I've never met one that I had any shred of respect for, cuz even the ones that are almost intelligent think its hot to act like dumb bitches. Also, on average, they are not really that hot, and the ones that are are the most annoying of all. Furthermore, the only good thing about gym meet is stealing signs, egging shit, and generally fucking up the program.
slut: hey lets go upstairs
me: (does shot) no, im busy
3 games of ruit, some shots, a a kegstand, and a lot of seduction attempts later:
slut: cmon baby, please come with me
me: fucking alright, I give up, you broke my will
by Dons '04 July 11, 2005
A school located off cowpen road where it is similar to maryvale but more stds. The females who attend make out with each other constantly at parties for attention of private school boys, but swear that when they do it at sleep overs it's not an act of lesbianism. Eating disorders are extremly common and the tannerexics run free throughout the hallways. Ribbons and wearing clothing you would see at a elementary school are the "cool" thing to do, and everything in ones wardrobe must be pink or plaid. Daddies credit card runs up their bills at cohens and their moms old jeep grands are the only cars these girls CANT drive. Martini symbols are spotted constantly but no one at this school coul possibly handle that amount of liquor, the only thing they drink are thier boyfriends bud light or whatever fruit drink they can make from the fridge with some form of smirnoff in it. Anal sex is seen constantly but never discuss, nor is the entire loyola class the screwed at the field party in march. These closet whores and wanna be surfers (the is NO east coast surfing in Ocean city you dumb whores) only go to college to join a sority but never actually o anything with their lives but marry thier private school boyfriends and create an other generation of even sluttier stranger f-ups.
Hey I heard there is an NDP party tonight.
Yea its just ike a dulaney party just less beer and more stds
by ahme April 24, 2005

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