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1 definition by ndp6487

You know you went to NDP when:

-Your collection of ribbons grew to be larger than your wardrobe
-You still wear your saddle shoes because they are so worn in and comfortable
-Your blue dress has a multitude of holes and rips, and you wouldn’t have it any other way
-You can’t even begin to count the number of times you got in trouble for not having a belt
-You had to wear your name tag every day, although it somehow always managed to be “on order”
-Christmas liturgy was the best ever
-You always wondered what was behind the creepy little door by the locker rooms
-Gym Meet was life
-Every time something important happened, the entire school knew about it in a matter of 5 minutes
-You own more t-shirts, polo’s, pearl necklaces, and pairs of lacrosse shorts than you can count
-You spent every free period you ever had pigging out on French fries in the cafeteria or watching 80’s movies in the Senior lounge
-Your shorts always hung below your dress, no matter how many times you rolled them up
-Tree trim was an annual occasion
-Almost everything you owned was in your class colors
-Everything else you owned was pink
-You watched a bunch of fathers dress up in uniforms and dance around the stage every December
-You camped out starting at 5:00 in the morning just to get Saturday night Gym Meet tickets
-You played nose goes with your friends every day after lunch to decide who was going to wipe off the table
-You wore your blue dress anywhere you went after school, and got a bunch of weird looks while doing it
-You wore your saddles to AA dance Senior year
-You only went to meetings if there was free food offered
-Your socks were never regulation length
-You decorated the city of Towson the Thursday before Gym Meet every year
-You still swear you’ll wear your gym tunic when you’re pregnant
-Your classmates became your sisters
-You dreaded swimming class each week and always tried to convince your teacher to let you not swim
-Your car windows were painted in your class colors the first week of March every year
-You lived for the days when the cafeteria served chicken tenders and taco salad
-You begged your religion teacher to go to the meditation room every class
-Ring Day was the greatest day of your life
-You went swimming in the pool with your clothes on after Senior farewell liturgy
-You over-annunciated the “t” in “white” when you sang the school song at assembly every Wednesday
-You always wondered what the purpose of checking out was
-Your shoe laces were never actually tied
-You still remember all of your Gym Meet songs and every dance and aerobics routine you ever memorized
-You’ll never forget Junior Retreat and the New York trip- the two greatest trips you went on while you were there
-You continue to wear your gold and onyx ring on a daily basis
-You loved every little stupid tradition the school had
-You will always consider yourself to be
For those who went to Notre Dame Prep, no explanation is needed. For those who didn't go to Notre Dame Prep, no explanation is possible.
by ndp6487 May 03, 2006