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only at ndp...continued

-are your saddles the most comfortable things you own, and wear them everywhere with pride
-is your uniform the second most comfortable thing you own and you wear it for as long as you can (sometimes even to bed)
-your the only girl who actually buys boxers for herself to wear under her uniform
-do you get yelled at for not having a name tag, for not cleaning your lunch table (ew DEATON), for having a tshirt hanging out of your uniform, for shorts too long, for parking in the seniors spot, for coming 10 seconds late to homeroom, for wearing socks too low, or uniforms too short, for not having a sash attached to your uniform, for eating in class or homeroom, sleeping in mass etc,etc,etc
-no matter how many times you get yelled at, you ALWAYS do it again the next day
-do certain people have designated slutty uniforms to wear to the boys lacrosse games after school
-the lacrosse team is amazing, but the soccer team is sometimes good too
-sometimes you find yourself searching all over the caf floor for dropped change so you can buy MORE food
-do you count on POW to save your math grade. hence you never study for anything
-do you swim in the pool with all of your clothes on senior year
-something about that sisterly class bonding...can never get enough
Barbara Barr: you might want to pull up your shorts
by ndpppp April 21, 2005

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