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this pretty much sums it all up...
- Do girls say their going to the bathroom and come back 30 min later with wing sauce around their mouth
- Do you go to spring dance for the sole reason of the free Rita's
- At the end of lunch, everyone puts their finger on their nose
- Do you spend your first weekend in March singing, dancing, exercising, and marching, and you LOVE it
- Usually a party follows this, but you don't remember it the next day anyways
- Are name tags constantly "on order"
- You are yelled at for sunbathing outside
- Is there a midget door for storage
- Every other person owns a North Face backpack
- There is a little more than half of your student body mysteriously very tan year round
- Does your school store sell ribbons, flip-flops, and purses (ONLY if they have something beach related on them)
- Do teachers let you leave class to eat, because you "forgot breakfast" that morning
- Is half your tuition spent on laptop lockers for the entire sophomore and freshman class.....and about a total of 10 freshmen uses them
- Do girls go weeks and weeks without shaving, just for the hell of it
- Is an after school snack 8 pieces of pizza and 9 brownies
- Is it cool to wear saddles to school dances as a senior
- Is it completely normal and acceptable to eat anything and everything off of the floor regardless of the "5 second rule"
- Do girls have food as their background on their laptop
- An after school meeting only has attendees if AND ONLY IF there is food there
- Is there a "regular" bathroom, and a "bulimic" bathroom
- Do you think of an Italian as something that you could by at a store
student: "Ms. B, can i go to the bathroom?"
Ms. B: "Sure, but weturn quwickwy."
15 minutes later...
student returns from "the bathroom" with Oreo crumbs all over the front of her dress and ice cream in the corners of her mouth
…enough said
by The Thursday Crew April 13, 2005
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only at ndp...continued

-are your saddles the most comfortable things you own, and wear them everywhere with pride
-is your uniform the second most comfortable thing you own and you wear it for as long as you can (sometimes even to bed)
-your the only girl who actually buys boxers for herself to wear under her uniform
-do you get yelled at for not having a name tag, for not cleaning your lunch table (ew DEATON), for having a tshirt hanging out of your uniform, for shorts too long, for parking in the seniors spot, for coming 10 seconds late to homeroom, for wearing socks too low, or uniforms too short, for not having a sash attached to your uniform, for eating in class or homeroom, sleeping in mass etc,etc,etc
-no matter how many times you get yelled at, you ALWAYS do it again the next day
-do certain people have designated slutty uniforms to wear to the boys lacrosse games after school
-the lacrosse team is amazing, but the soccer team is sometimes good too
-sometimes you find yourself searching all over the caf floor for dropped change so you can buy MORE food
-do you count on POW to save your math grade. hence you never study for anything
-do you swim in the pool with all of your clothes on senior year
-something about that sisterly class bonding...can never get enough
Barbara Barr: you might want to pull up your shorts
by ndpppp April 21, 2005
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the school where everyone else thinks the uniforms are ugly and that gym meet has no meaning... yet the girls of NDP love their uniforms so much that they bring them to college and wear them out on halloween and gym meet is the reason for living.
gym meet, outsiders will never understand.

we love our maid outfits
by ndp girl April 17, 2005
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You know you went to NDP when:

-Your collection of ribbons grew to be larger than your wardrobe
-You still wear your saddle shoes because they are so worn in and comfortable
-Your blue dress has a multitude of holes and rips, and you wouldn’t have it any other way
-You can’t even begin to count the number of times you got in trouble for not having a belt
-You had to wear your name tag every day, although it somehow always managed to be “on order”
-Christmas liturgy was the best ever
-You always wondered what was behind the creepy little door by the locker rooms
-Gym Meet was life
-Every time something important happened, the entire school knew about it in a matter of 5 minutes
-You own more t-shirts, polo’s, pearl necklaces, and pairs of lacrosse shorts than you can count
-You spent every free period you ever had pigging out on French fries in the cafeteria or watching 80’s movies in the Senior lounge
-Your shorts always hung below your dress, no matter how many times you rolled them up
-Tree trim was an annual occasion
-Almost everything you owned was in your class colors
-Everything else you owned was pink
-You watched a bunch of fathers dress up in uniforms and dance around the stage every December
-You camped out starting at 5:00 in the morning just to get Saturday night Gym Meet tickets
-You played nose goes with your friends every day after lunch to decide who was going to wipe off the table
-You wore your blue dress anywhere you went after school, and got a bunch of weird looks while doing it
-You wore your saddles to AA dance Senior year
-You only went to meetings if there was free food offered
-Your socks were never regulation length
-You decorated the city of Towson the Thursday before Gym Meet every year
-You still swear you’ll wear your gym tunic when you’re pregnant
-Your classmates became your sisters
-You dreaded swimming class each week and always tried to convince your teacher to let you not swim
-Your car windows were painted in your class colors the first week of March every year
-You lived for the days when the cafeteria served chicken tenders and taco salad
-You begged your religion teacher to go to the meditation room every class
-Ring Day was the greatest day of your life
-You went swimming in the pool with your clothes on after Senior farewell liturgy
-You over-annunciated the “t” in “white” when you sang the school song at assembly every Wednesday
-You always wondered what the purpose of checking out was
-Your shoe laces were never actually tied
-You still remember all of your Gym Meet songs and every dance and aerobics routine you ever memorized
-You’ll never forget Junior Retreat and the New York trip- the two greatest trips you went on while you were there
-You continue to wear your gold and onyx ring on a daily basis
-You loved every little stupid tradition the school had
-You will always consider yourself to be
For those who went to Notre Dame Prep, no explanation is needed. For those who didn't go to Notre Dame Prep, no explanation is possible.
by ndp6487 May 03, 2006
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The place where:
-Gym Meet engulfs your life for an entire month every year. March you whine through (at least '04 did). Song: You sing your version of the lyrics whenever it comes up on the radio. Aerobics: Is your regular workout routine. Dance: All your crew remembers it. Poster (at least '04's) you wanted the pirate version of angelina jolie to be real.
-Faculty... always push you hard, make you think, but make you laugh too.
-IPS was the bane of your existance.
-UNTIL PARALLEL consumed your life with the crazy presentations and massive amounts of papers.
-You all know who Senor is even if you took French.
-Love seeing the Japanese teacher with her blue hair and purple slippers.
-Know C. Lo's ridiculous jokes.
-Wear your old uniform in college for Halloween and people feel bad for you.
-Assure your friends the gym uniform is far worse yet you willingly wore both to local hangouts.
-Either joined or gagged at the "Bowheads"
-Ate so much yet mysteriously never gained weight
-had a guy radar and everyone drooled like mad when a guy entered the building
-saddles feel like slippers
-Class Colors and Chants are your life
(L to the I!)
-always come up with some excuse NOT to go into the swimming pool
-Senior Farewell Liturgy was filled with tears and jumping into the dreaded swimming pool

In general, it is a place where you learn, grow, and forge bonds that you never forget.
L to the I to the M to the E
To the B to the L to the U to the E
*Stomp Clap Clap Stomp Clap*
by Margaret of '04 April 21, 2005
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the best school in maryland with one of the toughest highschool lacrosse teams in the friggin sport. enough said.
aka NDP

no need for an example really...
by Bartel November 14, 2004
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Notre Dame Preparatory School was founded in 1873 by the School Sisters of Notre Dame. Although it is not located on the Charles Street campus any longer, but on its current 60-acre campus located on Hampton Lane in Towson (a suburb of Baltimore). It is an all girls catholic from 6-12 with many rich traditions such as Penny Queen, Father's Follies, Ring Day, and of course the beloved Gym Meet.
The academics at Notre Dame Prep are very challenging,unless you are in the phase two only accepted because you are a legacy kind of girl. The classes in which you are enrolled in are harder than most college courses especially if you are in Parallel. NDP offers many different courses for everyone.
There are many activities and sports that receive constant awards and recognition. Most noted is the Lacrosse team, which constantly goes to championships, also since pretty much if you are on the varsity team, you will get recruited by the college of your choice. Other sports teams constantly win awards, championships, and recognition. The other activities include theater(dominated by Ms. Ward who constantly makes the drama kids cry because of her overpowering spite towards being young), speech and debate, various language clubs, PAW, SADD, Student Council, Campus Ministry, Camp Umoja, etc.
Ring Dance not a good one 2010 not a good one.
Notre Dame Prep girls buy coffee at Starbucks, and shop at Towson towne center
NDP: Lets shop!
NDP 2:OK! but i have to do my parallel homework first.
NDP: Alright, I'll meet you there later, in Sepohra at 3.
The previous definitions are outdated.
by NDPchick December 28, 2010
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