1. An absence of anything/something.
2. A reply used when a person doesn't feel like explaining themselves.
3. When something is wrong but a person doesn't want to admit it, often used in conjunction with words such as okay and fine
In the black there was nothing.

Person one: What're you doing?
Person two: Nothing (as they continue to do something)

Nothing is wrong, I'm fine.
by larry says hi October 14, 2005
"Something" Everyone Seems To Be Doing Everytime You Ask What They Are Doing.

Makes People Very Mad.

Very Annoying When They Ask For Something To Talk About.
Caution: Nothing Might Make Someone Have Nothing To Talk About.

Greg: Hey Ashley What Are You Doing??
Ashley: Nothing...

10 Minutes Pass...

Ashley: Why Do You Never Have Anything To Talk About...?
Greg: ...Why Are You Always Doing Nothing...?
by .Tit.For.Tat. March 30, 2008
Nothing means Something.
It could mean chen's mom.
It means chen's mom.
Therefore, nothing = chen's mom.
Mar1: hey, chen I had sex with nothing yesterday.

Chen: Cool, me too.
by AhmedElGhazou March 17, 2009
Actually means a lot of something.
Mom-"what are you two doing down there?"
Dating teenagers-"NOTHING!?!?"
by Addison Montgomery February 27, 2009
A game originally thought up by a teen named Frank in Deer River High School, Minnesota. The games is played by getting someones attention (usually by saying their name) than when they acknowledge you, you simply say "nothing" ex1. it may sound juvenile and it is but it's funny. The only way to keep from losing the game is to respond by saying "nothing" instead of "what?" when someone calls your name ex2.
example 1
Frank: Hey David.
David: What?

example 2
Frank: Hey David.
David: Nothing. HAHAHAHA!!!
by Dale Cook February 07, 2008
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