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4 definitions by neutron212

To become or to be intoxicated
After drinking all the shots im BLUNKY
by neutron212 August 22, 2006
11 8
Noun)Any condiment placed on food

ADJ) Anything on ones self that does not belong there and/or causes a mess or stain
(N)Shmag) Are you going to put any shmag on your hot dog

(ADJ)Shmag) Dude you have some shmag on your shirt
by neutron212 October 21, 2004
13 10
when you want/have nothing
Q: did you win on that lotto ticket
A: no, cake
by neutron212 January 19, 2004
6 11
1)a way to say no
2)a way to denote displeasure
Q: do you want aother slise of pizza
A: Notch
by neutron212 January 19, 2004
20 30