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The act of ejaculating into your partner's mouth during oral sex, followed by tickling her or him (hopefully her, or else you're a gay) so much so that the ejaculate is expelled through the nostrils of the partner in much the same way that milk comes out of your nose when laughing.
I totally pulled a Nostrildamus on Christina Saturday night!
by Ron Ananian the car doctor April 04, 2009
a coke head that can see into the future... and guess what he sees?
nostrildamus looks into the future and sees another line of coke.
by the half gram rapper March 11, 2011
A person making a very specific prediction - that something you do (such as telling a joke or performing physical comedy) will make your friend(s) spew beverage from their nostrils from laughing.
Friend: Lifts a beer bottle to his mouth.
You: Rip One.
Friend: Becomes a beer fountain, from the nose.
You: "I knew that would happen. Call me Nostril-damus."
by The Ceps February 04, 2010
A girl or guy with an extremely large nose.
She has a hot ass, but is a definate "Nostrildamus!"
by Shawn Lyman January 20, 2005