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1) Traditional Style Origami
2) Well Known Chefs who've been known to bless there food before serving it to those in high postions.
3) A phrase formed in Cali. Meaning crazy.
1) Boy1: "Hey bro I heard we're making origami in art class today!"
Boy2: "Yeah Dude! It's called Noshi"

2)Boy1" What's the chef doing dude?"
Boy2"He's a noshi. And the president is like right over there about to eat his food."

3)Boy1: "What are you doing today bro?"
Boy2: "Some Noshi type shit. What's up!?"
by Mr.Yellow Boxers February 05, 2011
18 7
to bend between your legs and say noshi the was the asains do and but salt in someones buttcrakc and make it itch and burn and make them have bengay smelling farts.
my tailbone is sore!
by GoGoGolopsidedvaginax4 January 20, 2008
1 26