A greedy person from North-West Europe, a person who is always anger though he/she has everything in his life, a country were if you aint blonde and not speaking Norwegian language seen as invading allien. A place were you are judged directly by your Origin, but not character.
Oil is only Industry that brings huge cash flow,everyone worries the hydrogen discovery could led to severe economy decline.
loool norwegians thing u came to steal or drink their Oil.
a place were u can get new girlfriend every other weekend.
A place were dog is spended 10$ a day comaparing to Ethiopian worker who earns under 1$ or nothing until starv to death.

Norwegians have no sence of humour, though gracious, the day god created humour and funn they wasnt their.
a place were everyone is alone and depressed due to selfish though gracious.
by Erickson1290 May 30, 2006
Norwegians are the utmost beings and are the well-suited superiors of every other nationality or heritage/ethnic group.

Norway is also home of the black metal scene and is also therefore that much better still than everyone else.

Dimmu Borgir is living proof of this.

If you agree with this, you must be a god among lesser gods. That means you also get a banana sticker.

Anyone who disagrees, is simply an uneducated little douche. Next time you have a thought, let it go. You're probably an italian and therefore no one cares what you think anyways, so please, if you have a complaint, write it down neatly on a piece of paper, fold it, separate your hairy little ass cheeks, and insert it into your poop shoot.
Norwegians own everyone else. Norwegians do everything better. Norwegians are the Chosen Ones.

Norwegians are smart.

Norwegians > You.

Norwegians > Everyone else.

There was one group of people created to rule them all. They are called Norwegians.

The only people equally as great as the Norwegians, if that is possible, are the Greeks.
by Artemis6x January 01, 2007
A person who is intellectual, funny, pretty, social, including and HOT at the same time, but still isn't bragging about it. A typical Norwegian is usually tall, blonde and with bright, blue eyes and they are heavy eaters. They can drink and party like no one else on the planet, and in their spare time they are fishing, hunting moose or polar bears, diving in the ocean even though its january and the lake is frozen, they go skiing every fucking day of the year and eat norwegian food like fårikål, kjøttkaker, ribbe or pinnekjøtt. And of course fish. (which we catch from the norwegian rivers with our bare hands and bite off the head with our extremely strong norwegian teeth)
"Look dad, who is that man who just killed a polar bear with his bare hands?"
"OH SHIT! He must be a Norwegian!!!"

"Hey, why are you eating my hotdog?"
"Because you're eating too slow. Now shut the fuck up"
"Oh, I almost forgot. You're a Norwegian!"

American:" why the hell are you wearing a t-shirt in the middle of the winter?"
Norwegian:" Because where I come from, this is the average summer temperature"
by TheViking000 September 23, 2009
Smart and Loyal people who have a record of living longer than any other Nationality on Earth.

Here are some other things Norwegians have accomplished:

1. 12% of Norwegians in America are Medicine Workers

2. 15.9% of Norwegians in America are Scientists

3. 23.4% of Norwegians in America are Medical Workers

4. 14% of Norwegians in America are Lawyers

5. 25% of Norwegians in America are Dental Teachers

Norwegians are good and hard Workers.
Person 1 - Hi are you my Doctor?

Person 2 - Yes and I'm also Norwegian.
by Leo Bjorn September 15, 2007
Norwegian is the language of the mighty vikings of norway.

Also used to describe an incredible cool guy, especially a helmersen.
- What does Marcellus Wallace look like?
- What?
- What country you from?
- Norway!
- Norway ain't no country I ever heard of! They speak Norwegian in Norway?
- What?
- Yes!
by HeffaLaffen May 11, 2007
Those from Norway. Very cold country, but nice people. Nice people, scary-as-hell Polar Bears.
I was born in Spain with a Norwegian father.
by ® November 04, 2007
An enormous blond man who drinks heavily, talks about the sea all the time and for some reason always wears a little woolly hat.
Bobby's in hospital after getting beaten up by a drunk Norwegian who accused him of trying to chat up his trawler.
by Al Bum December 02, 2008

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