The most white- trash town in Fairfield County. Known for gang's, violence, and teen binge drinking. If you were to move to any town in Fairfield County, do not and I repeat "DO NOT" move to this town. Shitty place. Only thing to be proud of in this town is the two- time all american lacrosse player, McNichols.
Norwalk sucks balls!
by David Shiver April 26, 2007
n. A small town - bigger than most people think - located on the panhandle of Connecticut in its wealthiest region, Fairfield County. Unlike the various other affluent towns, Norwalk is loaded with gang violence as a result of extremely defined cliques. A long-time rival exists between its two high schools, Brien McMahon and Norwalk High because of the city's small size. Norwalk's middle schools have tried to outdo each other in their notorious reputations for drugs, sex, and violence. Most Norwalk kids have been raised there all their lives and have a cockiness about them. Despite its diversity, Norwalk's shopping and civilization is limited. With only a movie theater, South Norwalk or "SoNo" has become the center for all activity - good and especially bad. Mostly everyone in Norwalk knows their fellow Norwalkers. It has commonly been referred to as "the Wack" or "Norwack." Norwalk has become linked with other cities like Stamford and Bridgeport. Norwalk's reputation is not completely horrific when you examine the small town of Rowayton, the preppier side of Norwalk. Rich Caucasian families have become one big, sheltered clique where town gatherings often happen on their one lawn for such events as Shakespeare in the Park. It takes less than a minute to drive through Rowayton, and when you do it isn't hard to see that you have entered another world. Norwalk is broken up into several parts: South Norwalk, East Norwalk, West Norwalk, North Norwalk, and just Norwalk. While many complain that there is nothing to do, they never do anything about it; so everyone has adapted to their daily routine. No one here is a true native, since everyone comes from other towns or states and settles here.
1: Who you reppin?
2: McMahon to the fullest, nigga
by Deeardee August 18, 2005
Norwalk.... how do i describe thee.... hows about the crappy used toliet paper that is sitting in the shitter of Connecticut. New Haven and Bridgeport are the craps and Norwalk is the brwon ass wiping material. Its got a pretty scetchy neighbor hood that New Caananers fear to tred on and a poliece station that norwalkers fear to tred near. If you want a quick beverage from the local chinese food/cleaners located convieniently next to the behemouth po-po station. as they say down there: "Peace my homie"
o shit the po po is comming! hide the crack and the new cannaners!!
by Rowayton_r_us April 05, 2005
A town in connecticut part of Farifield county. often mistaken for a rich town because of the image of fairlfield county and connecticut, however most of it is a real poor town with tons of violence gangs drinking problems and drugs. the public schools are terrible well at least norwalk high is the other high school, mcmahon has just gone threw renevations and looks real nice. norwalk is a town where geting drugs is not a problem but its more of a matter of what kind u want and who ur getting it from because people get robbed for drugs every day. this is a town where u can get jumped over 5 dollars worth of weed and shot over some pills. the only drugs hard to find in norwalk would b acid in shrooms however they are not impossible to get. most people look at norwalk and say sono is the only bad part, because there are some certain very rich parts of connectciut but they dont even go to the public schhols. however there are gangs all over the town and even gangs for wiggers who live in decent houses. but the wigger gangs arent anywhere as near as hardcore as gangs in sono but it goes to show the brutality and mentality we have here. the police station is around the corner from projects and useless to go to without a cops assistance plus some cops are dirty cops anyway so trying to b a snitch wont help you

also refered to as the wack or norwack
norwalk is for bitches and fake gangsters

person from norwalk:
click click boom
by mike J0nes November 28, 2007

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