A Diverse town... Where you will meet all different kinds of people in differnt situations
As I sit here and read the posts for Norwalk, I find myself shocked. I have lived in Norwalk my whole life and would never define it as "a town close to a beach where you can relax!" I have never even stepped foot in the water! Yeah the beach is a common "chill" spot if you may call it or a common place where the youth and adults of Norwalk go to congregate, but thats all its for. And as for "shorehaven," I am familiar with the country club, but have never stepped foot in that as well. You see I guess I make up the "middle" class of Norwalk. Norwalk is seperated into three sections, The high class (all you shorehaven goers) the middle class, and the poor class. It is a mistake to say that all the poor class lives in South Norwalk or Vice versa because to my current knowledge there are people who are paying up to almost 2,000 a month for a brand spankin new in the mid section of Sono apartments. So whats my point?
Basically Norwalk is almost as Diverse as New York...
You are surounded by all different kinds of people, but the experiences you take with you are only those in which you have been born into. Whether you "hang out" at Shorehaven or RC projects you are considered a Norwalkian... So please dont tell me Norwalk is made up of the beach or Shore haven because that is not the case.
by Stephy p December 04, 2006
1. Standing up friends after you have assured them that you would attend an event.

2. Backing out of an event or trip that one has previously agreed to. Especially if one's friends have already committed time, resources, or money to said trip which they can never recoup.

3. Chronic avoidance of events that occur more than 10 miles from where the offender is domiciled, primarily because he/she prefer to get wasted at his/her own home to avoid having to drive and he/she lacks the responsibility to designate a sober driver or to remain sober him/herself.
1. The Fredmans promised they would come to our housewarming party, but it appears that we have been Norwalked since they never showed.

2. I know we promised to go to Japan with the Ballers, but it looks like we're going to Norwalk them since we've decided not to go.
by Tain't Workin' July 06, 2012
The ghetto of Westport, Darien, New Canaan, and Wilton. Also known as Norwack. It is a very diverse town including anything from a ghetto to a white prep Conneticut area.

Jamal: Yo that niga have a Bentley he sure aint from Norwalk

Brad: Heather, dont go to the movies in Norwalk that gangstas might kill you
by FerrariLover101 June 19, 2007
Norwalk, Ohio. (a.k.a. the pimple on God's ass) - Sister city to Norwalk, CT but also is much crappier and less desirable area to live due to many whiggers and migrant workers invading both the north and east sides of town. -A place where whores and sluts run rampid up the yin-yang. -where people make their last stop for gas if heading to Cedar Point (America's rockin', shit-hole, fucking coast)if going there via Rt.250. -you get the idea, if your parents ever talk about moving to Norwalk Ohio, please consider the following:
1)praying you dont come here
2)'accidently' dying
3)or just become a carnie and see America
Norwalk, Ohio - where the grass is green, but so are the clits of almost every chick in town.
by asdf_jkl; August 25, 2005
Norwalk California, where everyday people die over some shit they say

NeighBorhooD gang till i D.I.E.

fuck norwalk, Ct. and all the rest Norwalk Ca. aint nothin but the best

roller: where you from esse?

killa: Norwalk, Pinche Pendejo

roller: firme esse
by killa norwalk September 22, 2008
Contrary to what most of the morons on here put, Norwalk is not that bad of a town. It has its ups and downs. It's definitely better than Stamford and Bridgeport...they just suck. Take all the Niggers and Spics out of here and especially the Wiggers and Preppies and its not that bad of a town. Advice for white people: South Norwalk is not that bad...to a certain point. Once you see the black Hobos named Jamarcus and Nigger Jim..then its time to get the fuck out of there, before they start asking you for money so they can support their drug habits and before they stab you (ususally with a rusty knife that has AIDS). So other than the minorities infesting the town and breeding there non-english speaking and drug-dealer babies...Its not that bad...
Black Guy: Ayo white man...gimmie some money befo I stab you wit my rusty knife wit Aids on it

White Guy: Oh my god...The niggers have reached East Norwalk too....AAAAHHH

Latino Guy: Uno Momento....Por Favor...

White Guy: The Spics too....AAAAAHHHHHHHHH
by Minorities Suck September 05, 2008
Norwalk is the least wealthy part of Fairfield county , but still has tons of money.It has groups like goths , emos , nerds , supposed GANSTAS but most importantly the dominant group is the PREPS ! These are the social buuterflies of Norwalk , they are not extremely wealthy but definitely have the money to
A) belong to a country club or have a friend who does
ex - Roton Point (for the roton area of norwalk )
ex-Shorehaven ( for the new money and "nice" preps
ex- Shore & Country Club- where the "old money" resides

B) shop at
ex- abercrombie
ex- aeropostale
ex-american eagle
and if ur in the "upper" part of preppiness then also shop at
ex- Lacoste
ex-Juicy Couture
ex-Le Tigre
and visit WishList and Totally Kool (in westport) on a regular basis

Norwalk preps are actually not as nice as Darien preps or Westport preps & they dont have to be because they dont "roll" with other towns.

The only rivalry in N-WALK is that between West Rocks Middle School & All Saints. West Rocks supposely hates All Saints because they are a bunch of "wealthy bitches who can put their Eliza B Belts where the sun dnt shine"
But deep down All Saints preps dont care because they know that the West Rock "preps" are not true preps.
Norwalk is for wealthy bitches & Darien & Westport are for EXTREMELY WEALTHY bitches .
by c h a n e l July 23, 2005
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