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Rowayton is a nice little village overrun by old people and Darien people who think are board with their town so they hop on over. Complete with a pizza place, an ice cream shack, and a market that overprices chips and dip. The children that do live in the town are forever trying to escape it or at least find an escape outside of the skateboarding universe although many kids still do. Activities include: Sailing, powerboating, yachting, random water sports, walking through construction sites of the ever expanding houses, and sailing. Watch out for this village. It'll scare the crap out of any lost Norwalkian. Oh, and the old people that happen to vist yell at the kids in the streets for being too loud. Enjoy your visit!!
What say we go to Rowayton!
by Rowayton_r_us April 05, 2005
holy crap....ok.... New Caanan is a place where black people fear to tread and the middle school kids get arrested every friday afternoon. the police are nazis and outsiders fear those that dwell inside. it is a scary place that only those that call it home could possibly live inside of it. it's a massive town and i dont think there could be a map of the place cause every time i look around it seems to be engulfing wilton and norwalk.
HEY! You look semi-suspicious...i think a full body cavity search is in order....welcome to new caanan, BITCH
by Rowayton_r_us November 07, 2005
Norwalk.... how do i describe thee.... hows about the crappy used toliet paper that is sitting in the shitter of Connecticut. New Haven and Bridgeport are the craps and Norwalk is the brwon ass wiping material. Its got a pretty scetchy neighbor hood that New Caananers fear to tred on and a poliece station that norwalkers fear to tred near. If you want a quick beverage from the local chinese food/cleaners located convieniently next to the behemouth po-po station. as they say down there: "Peace my homie"
o shit the po po is comming! hide the crack and the new cannaners!!
by Rowayton_r_us April 05, 2005
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