a very small town that is surrounded by trees,animals and drugs. Norton has the highest drop out rate in mass and is known as "snortin norton". The girls are bitchy and fake. The guys all act like they're tough meanwhile they drive around in their shitty cars.
"Since we have nothing to do in Norton lets go to cumbie's or hess to hang out"
by The Norton Mirror March 21, 2006
Top Definition
A town in SE Massachusetts that no one has ever heard of and if you grew up here you never talk about it. If you live in Norton you can get drunk or high or have sex somewhere.

-The town where you can get a large pizza at Jeffrey's, rent a book from the library(which actually just closed), and then check into a drug rehab clinic all in the same 100 feet.

-The daily routine of any Norton citizen is to wake up, hop in your shitty car, drive through the road work in front of the high school, grab a donut at Honey Dew, hang out at Hess, and go home and get high/drunk/laid.

-Home of the Norton Lancers, the second best team in Division 3 Massachusetts high school football, and girl's softball champs.

-Home to car wars, which suck.

-Running around a country club at night in your underwear occassionally happens.

-The band "The Little Jons" got their start here.

-Home of "Pride Rock", where you can get drunk and punch people.

-Where you can go for a fist pump and get "Stick Shifted", where someone grabs your fist and throws it.

-You can join the "Gay Straight Alliance" if you've got the balls (and want them in some dude's mouth).

-You can stop by the Cigar Man Shop and grab a smoke.

-There is a Fallout shelter in it's elementary school.

-Where, at one point, the word "Belliard" was a code word for drinking alcohol.

-Where the schools have no money for supplies, but Roche Bros. and Walgreen's look great.

-You can either drop out of High School or pretend you have a future for a little while.

-Home to the greatest Halo 3 and Guitar Hero players in the general area.

-Where packing a lip at the superintendent's office sometimes occurs.

-Where the middle school was once broken into through a big hole in the roof, just because the people thought it was a cool place to hang out in.

-Where "Lincoln Log" is a sexual term.

-Where old ladies sometimes get hit with flying bottles of urine.

-Skaters and Bikers alike often go out of town to Skater's Edge because there isn't anywhere to skate or ride bmx.

-Where emo kids are referred to as "Vampires".

-Where a 6 and a half foot swedish foreign exchange student threw snowballs in a locker room once.

-Where a moron once flipped a shitty orange Scion going too fast down an icey road in the winter.

-Every once in a while you'll run into a pregnant girl in the High School.

-Where some people get distracted by shiny objects and love circles.

-The population of black people in the town is approximately 6.
There's nothing to do in this town, we must be in Norton.
by Hanging@Hess March 07, 2009
noun~ "the game of legends"
A physical and strategic game derived from rugby involving dropkicking over rugby posts and collecting over the other side before the other team does to earn points!The game is most physical inside the 5 metre lines either side of the posts, the 5 metre line and the dead ball line. In this danger zone players can be tackled, pushed, tripped, jumped on or forced by any means to prevent them from reaching the ball(weapons not aloud)! Outside the two 5 metre lines, players and aloud to obstruct others, leaving only a fott race or lucky bounce or pure bravery to get the ball! Its played by 6 players (three a side) and over 1 set of rugby posts!
"hey, are we going to play NORTON this friday?"
"You took a great catch in Norton"
by Kieran Phillips Tebb April 01, 2008
Someone who is extremely caring and loving to all those around, and someone who doesn't mind clearing up the consequences of a rowdy night. (e.g. Chunder) A norton will put themselves after everyone else, and likes achieving 'above average' otherwise they lose confidence.
Everyone would like to have a norton around, but unfortunately they are a very rare species, and are hard to find in the wild becasue they are not very tall. But when you do find one you should not let them go (because it is hard to find a replacement chunder-cleaner). A norton is always up for a good time and enjoys banter.
Person 1: I've got a new friend, she's a norton.
Person 2: Lucky, I've been looking for one of them for ages
Person 1: They are worth the wait
by NtheDragon October 12, 2013
1.Another word for breasts
wow! Amazing Nortons on that girl eh?
by mista mandalicious February 26, 2005
Nortons (plural) or Norton (singular)
Nortons describe the erect male or female nipple or nipples.
**Nipples can only be called nortons if they are in the hardened or erect state.**
"Look at those girls getting out of the pool. They must be cold,their nortons are really standing out."

"She has some sweet looking nortons." "I love big nortons!"

"Hey, I got my left norton pierced today"

"My husband has the cutest nortons when I play with them."
by Cave Cat October 29, 2006
verb/noun/adjective/proper noun

1. Aging at a rapid rate.
2. Having a shit day (Having a Norton)
3. When your quads are totally trashed.
"Man my legs are totally trashed, this is such a Norton day."

"This day is as shit as norton"

"Man I got an F on that test, really did a Norton on that one."

"Kinda made a Norton of the joke(James smells funny)"
by RadPizzaDude June 25, 2014

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