1. a word sort of like sike

2. also a saying meaning like hell no
1. ex: person goes to hive five you then you reject them and say NORF

2. ex: teacher: do this 7 seven page study guide tonight.
student: um NORF
or student: yeah i'm just norfing that study guide.
by 55norf December 14, 2009
Top Definition
An abbreviation for the North Melbourne Kangaroos Football Club (AFL).

It originated from their supporters who were either too lazy or too dumb to say North/North Melbourne/Kangaroos and it is now an accepted abbreviation for this struggling football club.
1. Norf got belted by 10 goals again today.

2. Why are Norf moving Souf to Tassie?

3. It is thought the Norf supporter is a critically endangered species.
by JiggaDog August 03, 2010
A direction on the compass - opposite from souf.
Naw, he ain't from 'lanta. He from up norf.
by Smoochy September 18, 2004
the best village in the world, only cool people live there, that over looks the shite village of summerscum
You are so cool you live in NORF!
by Hal May 18, 2004
NORF comes from none other than OSCAR WINNING Three Six Mafia/Hypnotized Camp Possee. It is short for (North)Memphis Tennessee. It is also a handshake they do where 2 people give dap and then raise their thumbs up.
Project Pat (of HCP) Lyrics: NOOOOORF! Raise Ya thumbs up nigga. Repeat 4x
by Cauhauna August 01, 2006
an insult originally from nerd/dwarf but now can mean anything, just an insult.
1"hey, wanna play shenanigans?"
2"hell no, you fucking norf"
by Peter Pantyhose April 05, 2006
A verb, meaning to stroke and/or grope another person with one's foot.
Multiple people norfing a single person at the same time may be referred to as a gang-norf.
Person 1: "Why are you touching me with your foot??"

Person 2: "You just got norfed!"
by Mirandaberry March 29, 2009

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