A nope is

1) a sinonym for spiders,insects,snakes and everything that's creepy as hell. They live in Nopeland,a swampy area of the LandIwillNeverVisit.
2) a reaction for spiders,insects,snakes and everything that's creepy as hell.
*goes out*
*sees a nope*
*runs home shouting: nope,nope,nope!*
#nope #spider #nopeland #snake #creep
by dgnoengr May 09, 2014
A word to express when you know what you are attempting will not be successful.
Man 1:Hey dude do a backflip!

Brady: *attempts backflip* nope! *lands on neck*
#nope #brady #kercart? #penis #dong #little #small
by Cdawgie October 25, 2008
-To deny your ability to perform physical activities
-to bail out
-to fail
Boy1:OK, Brady you can do this back flip!
Brady: Well, okay...Okay guys!
Boy2:DO IT BRADSTAAAAAAH!!!! I'm filming!!!
Brady: I can do it!
*halfway through back flip*
*falls on neck*
All: *hysterical laughter*
#backflip #brady #kert #kart #sqwumper
by 13333333337gangsta February 23, 2009
The ultimate vocal response in Team Fortress 2, spoken by the Engineer. A single word so powerful that not even the greatest RAGE or trolling can counter its effects.
Player A: We'd probably be winning if we didnt have 5 engies building shit at the spawn

Engineer: NOPE

Disgruntled player A: RTV! NOMINATE! SCRAMBLE! This map sux111!! Youre all using HAX!!11!

Engineer: NOPE
#nope #team fortress 2 #tf2 #video games #win
by Zeromus255 October 03, 2011
A playful way of saying no.
tyler: are you drunk or something?
jed: nopes.
#no #nay #no way #naw #nope
by sfjedi January 06, 2009
The most common response from women when a man asks for anal sex.
Man: Would you like to try something?
Woman: Sure. Sounds exciting.
Man: Can we try anal? I'll be gentle...
Woman: Nope.
#man #woman #anal #sex #soft loving
by Andy Mui November 06, 2011
Not dope. Detestable, negligible, lame
He thought he was dope but was more like nope.
by MUDMAN March 07, 2016
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