'no' or 'negative'. An emphatic form of 'no'. Implying that the speaker's answer will not be changing in the future. Seems to be used when the speaker has to say no repeatedly, perhaps tiring of using 'no' and 'nope'.
Are we there yet?


Can I get a cell phone?


Can I have a raise?

by zoot suit July 28, 2009
slang for "no"
After hearing him say sorry for being a lamer about screwing with my best friend and ditching her, I said, "NOPE, she's never gonna talk to you since you flat out rejected her AND stopped talking to her!"
by wiCkEd eEv January 23, 2003
Used to make reference to narcotics that have no effect.(Dope that is no good.)
"I just wasted 60 dollars on this bag of nope."
by fistfoxer April 11, 2009
Commonly used at the McCallie school when something doesn't go quite the way the person wanted it to. Or used to "Nope" a person who is thought to be a "tool".
Guy 1: Dude you wanna come chill later?
Guy 2: Nah I have to study, sorry man
Guy 1: WOW NOPE!

Guy 3: Dude look at that choad!
Guy 4: Haha NOPE! (while looking and pointing at the choad/tool)
by arnie palmer May 26, 2011
Basically to say no...or yes...or whatever; to define yourself....and crap =D
Mom- Billy, get me some fucking tuna!!!
Billy- Nope =D
Mom- Fuck you!!!
Billy-Nope fuck you and your husband bitch!!!
by Neko Jul August 10, 2009
How a kid says "no". Any adult using it looks silly and childish.
Want a milkshake?" "Nope!" "What are you, 3? Say No!
by Hurr from Durr November 26, 2010
A term of no used commonly by cheeky people on IMs and so on.
Dian :-: Haha ! You DID mean that didnt you !?
Scott :-: NOPE ! :p
by ririroririro August 24, 2007
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