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Too call someone a noob, but adding a sack at the end. You can say this to anyone and not just beginners at a game. You can also add sack to anything at the end of a word and it will be perfect.
Man, Jim you are such a noobsack. Pray to da Cod Fish mang.
by Infinit3 September 13, 2012
Another definition of Tom Care
God he as much as a noobsack as a 'Tom Care'!
by Rest of the World and Some More October 22, 2003
Some one who is a total noob at what they are doing and thinks they are bood at it. but sucks ballsack at doing it, a combination of a newbie and a ballsack. hey see that team we r playing against? they r all noob sacks
hey johnny is a total noob sack at online games.
by bloodthrstysmurf May 26, 2010
Of or pertaining to a person whom can be described as both a noobie n00b, and as male genetalia. Describes people who continually display themselves as being inexperienced, selfish, stupid, insane, and/or are a smacktard.
c0de tried to launch a plane off an aircraft carrier but failed miserably. God he's a noobsack.
by c0de October 20, 2003