usied in online games such as runescape this is based on the word noob, but if the noob is of young age (mental or physical) then the term nooble is used as this conveys the idea of feeling for the poor noob.
Oh look at that nooble trying to walk through a brick wall
by olivar_ct November 04, 2005
Top Definition
Word used to describe something annoying, but not quiet a noob. Also nooble sounds way better than noob. People sometimes also use it to describe a noob, but like to say nooble better than noob.
I was about to pwn that noob, but a nooble got in my way.
by Inventor of Nooble January 05, 2008
1. a person who has noodle boobs

2. a noble noob
i can't tell if that person walking on the sidewalk is a man or woman but it sure has a nice pair of noodle boobs
*points* look at the nooble
by Matt Huff December 10, 2010
A product that aims at evoking a particular but elusive sensory experience, wanted by all, known by few. (Contrary to previous definitions, "nooble" has nothing to do with the word "noob" and is not a sexual activity or practice.)
—"Excuse me, I'd like the noobles soup, please."
"Don't you mean 'noodle'"?
—"No. Noobles. Happiness = nooble."
"Okay. That'll be $4.95."
by Sexicographer June 23, 2013
A particularly fun kind of Japanese noodle.
She decided to order the Noobles at dinner.
by Noobly May 12, 2009
Knock that bitch out

have sex
somone needs to nooble that bitch
by Ecko Charlie August 07, 2012
1. Used as an exclaimation
2. A Pet Name
3. Wacky
1. Holy Noobles Batman!
2. C'mere Noobles!
3. He is SO noobles - i hope it isn't contagious!!
by Thrawn August 24, 2003
A small/ young n00b : e.g; a nooblet.... ect

someone of little intelect + short in stature
"Alex is such a Noobles! he wont let me borrow his Ariel costume"
by Patsythenatsy October 06, 2008
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