A noner is a non-athlete, or someone with no athletic skill.
Example, I was walking through the park and saw a bunch of noners playing rugby.
by Don Hanni March 21, 2010
Top Definition
A Noner (said Non-er) is some one of no importance, or lack there of. It derived from "Non-Essential Personel". The term is slang used largly by united states military members to describe the vast number of people who work away from the direct mission at hand.
1) A noner can be a person that works in finance, behind a desk in the warmth of a office. Their biggest threat is a chance that the stappler may brake and a staple come screaming out into their eye.
2)"Anyone who does not work on the flight line is a noner"
by JDF April 29, 2004
The opposite of a boner. When you see a sick nasty ugly girl and your penis goes back inside your torso.
Ugh, look at that fat dancer, she gives me a noner.
by Black Lighting March 11, 2010
when two people rub noses in an affectionate way. also known as nuzzling
Ashley loves it when Samit gives her a no-ner.
by AnnArbor September 05, 2008

When someone gets a boner by giving an immediate "NO" to any invitations without thinking them through.
Me: Hey, Matthew. Want to go to th-

Matthew: NO! (gets a noner)
by easy_pee February 25, 2014
That awkward but stunning moment when you are walking next to a girl you have a crush on looks at you. You start to pray to God, "please don't have a boner, please don't have a boner"
Timothy: dude, do you think I constantly have a boner?
Andrew: Ya man, but I got a noner next to Aisha.
Timothy: no way bro!!!
by tmannengetmoney April 10, 2015
(Nuisance Boner) also known as a R.O.B - Random Occurring Boner - generally happens when you are bored "stiff", in school or family events and all things in between. This is the type of boner that usually goes unnoticed, non the less you are completely aware of what is happening. The more you convince yourself you don't want wood the harder it gets.
(you) - So i was at my family christmas the other day and my aunt kept blabbing about her divorce problems, next thing you know. Mad Noner is coming on.
(Buddy) - Haha happens every time!
(you) - I know man and the more you try to stop it the more raging it gets.
by larrski September 20, 2012
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