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A Noner (said Non-er) is some one of no importance, or lack there of. It derived from "Non-Essential Personel". The term is slang used largly by united states military members to describe the vast number of people who work away from the direct mission at hand.
1) A noner can be a person that works in finance, behind a desk in the warmth of a office. Their biggest threat is a chance that the stappler may brake and a staple come screaming out into their eye.
2)"Anyone who does not work on the flight line is a noner"
by JDF April 29, 2004
A rich man trapped in a poor man's body.
As a transfinancial man, I'm constantly discriminated against at the apple store.
by jdf June 26, 2015
n,. Origin: German.
1. Wing
- The wing of an airplane.
- The wing of a bird.
- The blade on a propeller.

a. In German the word drops the first E and puts umlots over the U. Flügel

b. those with this last name have a family crest that is a bird's wing drawn in red.
German: Er saß auf dem Flügel (fluegel) des Flugzeuges

English: He sat on the wing of the airplane
by JDF January 05, 2009
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