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1. Anything and everything; the pennultimate of the existence of the world embodied in one word used interchangebly as an interjection, adjective, noun, adverb, or other such device determined by inflection. Sometimes used as nom-nom, to display emotion; in ways similiar to the latin verb "ago" or the noun "res."
1. NOM!
2. He was talking just like nom nom nom nom nom.
3. (anger) NOM-NOM!
4. (apathy) "Do you want to go to the store?" "Nom-nom."
5. That is the best nom in the whole world.
by Awesome McDougle January 20, 2004
Small group of extremly kinky gay pepole. Often seen playing Counter-Stike or Daoc. Maverick are the gay leader and most kinky of them all
Damn, i got stuffed by NoM again
by eViLvLaD May 15, 2003
No real meaning just a me and my home boys made up.
You are a nom you snooty nom
by Twinkie September 12, 2004