A brunette w/ a sharp sarcastic humour and has a mind that truly resides in the gutter.
"Hey, who's that girl you were taking to?"
"Ahhh she's just your regular nolee you know?"
"Oh, she seemed like she had a good sense of humour too."
by hotshot26 April 21, 2010
someone who can make any situation into some kind od sexual inuendo.
So i was waking to work and-

dude, your such a nolee sometimes
by Magnolia23 April 19, 2010
a super STD, combination of gonnorhea, herpes, siphilys, chlamydia, and HPV.
'dude im so sorry, i heard you got the nolee?'
'yeah but don't tell anyone okay? its embaressing'
by g-monHAY HAY. June 23, 2009

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