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2 definitions by Murroix

Noun - Pubic hair pulled into a pony tail.
"Man, that chick's muff was so overgrown, she had to pull it into a pussy tail so I could get in there." "Some like the landing strip, some like a bald beaver. But me? I'm like 'em so hariy I can pull their pubes into a pussy tail."
by Murroix January 30, 2009
11 8
1. (noun) The fleshy space between your nuts and your hole.

2. (verb) To smite someone in the nole.
I love it when she tickles my nole - it teases my nuts and my hole at the same time.

Man, I'm going to nole that jackoff with a nine iron. That's what you get for drinking my last beer.
by Murroix January 05, 2009
38 48