One of the coolest guys I know. Usually very handsome. Has a great personality, often seen in a beanie, and fun to be around. He's one of those guys that likes to have fun and don't care what people really think of him. He is always there for people in need and is always there to help out a friend. Girls easily fall for him cause of his personality and his looks, but he usually has his eye on one girl. If you meet a Nolan, love him, cause there's no other guy like him.
Girl1-"hey look! It's nolan!"
Girl2-"he's so cute! His girlfriends so lucky"
Girl1-"I wish I had a Nolan."

Guy1-"hey have you met my friend Nolan?"
Guy2-"oh yeah man. He's hella cool to hangout with"
Guy1-"yeah and he has like all the chicks falling for him."
Guy2-"wish I could be more like Nolan"
by Dancebaee96 November 07, 2013
Male: One dope nigga. Loves to shnook it up with his boys. He's a hard ten. Often gets hot bitches, especially older ones. His favorite activities include partying, hot-boxing cars, and hanging with super hot bitches such as Ashlynne. Has a hella sick jew fro thats red, and no chest hair. Has good music taste, and gets pussy 24/7. On occasion gives cum shots to the eye.
Oh my gosh your dating Nolan? I'd kill to give him dome.
by thatHOTbitchASH July 03, 2011
Has a large penis compared to other males. Good sense of fashion and humor. Fun to be around, dresses nice but isn't a straight edge motha FUCKA. He will still blast yo bitch ass. If you're a girl you'll know he coming for dat pussy. He isn't afraid to fuck up yo man and then give her a nice big D.
He pulled a Nolan and fucked my girl. But it's cool, he is Nolan

My girl doesn't like when I Nolan (swag)
by Gangbanger4lyfe January 05, 2014
Nolan's are sexy ass guys. They really care about family and relationships. He can sometimes be jokingly heartless and act violent but he wouldn't hurt a fly. He can be cocky and LOVES to talk. He needs to be with a listener.
Nolan! Stop talking!!!

But I have more to tell you!!

I know but I have to go!

Don't leave me!!!
by Manoman October 15, 2013
Nolan is a freaking amazing person with a big ass dick. He has a beer belly but the chicks dig it. Another words, Nolan has the beer belly charm that will always get pussy
Look theres nolan fucking the shit out of some girl. Him and his big ass dick
by BillyBonetty July 28, 2016
Nolan is a person who seems like the best person in the world at first. Get to know him, and he's really the opposite. He'll make you believe you're everything but after a while he's just a plain out jerk.
"Wow he's hot"
"don't go near him, he's a total Nolan"
by serniebanders April 08, 2016
Little shit
Nolan was a little shit when he corrected my correction of the proper past tense spelling of spell.
by ridgo May 27, 2015
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