Nolan is the only ginger that has a soul. He likes bowling and video games. Spends a ton of time playing Killing Floor on his P.C. He loves pizza and Mountain Dew. Loves his xbox, too.
You can't pull that Nolan away from the computer for 2 seconds!
by LRHVJD1998 March 21, 2012
A guy who's head resembles the head of a penis.
Nolan's head looks like a dick.
by 24yearolds November 05, 2014
Believed to be made up of Beanies, Boots and Conformist Toots, a Nolan is most commonly identified as the common hipster (also used, is "Tsanging": the action of being a Nolan.)
A:Dude, did you see that nolan down the hallway?
B:Yeah man, he's tsanging it pretty hard.
A:Seriously. Who owns that many outfit-coordinated beanies?
by The Secretest Santa of All December 05, 2011
a blonde short kid who has anger management issues and can never take a joke. he also has a very small dick.

guy 2: calm gown bro, dont be a Nolan
by BtchPlzIGotDis June 20, 2012
to vomit in someone's mouth and then they blow you.
oh man that was some good head, but it was no nolan!
by theRider March 10, 2011
A dumbass right-wing nut job.
Nolan: Dadt should be enforced!
People with brains: NO
by Asoka The Great December 09, 2010
To rip the last shreds of fun out of any situation.
To be a fun sponge.
I was having a great night with the boys, but then Jane nolaned me and did a shit on the dance floor." or "Wanna go see a movie?" "Nah, think I might stay in and watch Backyard Blitz." "Woah - you totally did a nolan. You're a terrible friend.
by therambleman October 26, 2010

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