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to vomit in someone's mouth and then they blow you.
oh man that was some good head, but it was no nolan!
by theRider March 10, 2011
28 68
A dumbass right-wing nut job.
Nolan: Dadt should be enforced!
People with brains: NO
by Asoka The Great December 09, 2010
17 78
To rip the last shreds of fun out of any situation.
To be a fun sponge.
I was having a great night with the boys, but then Jane nolaned me and did a shit on the dance floor." or "Wanna go see a movie?" "Nah, think I might stay in and watch Backyard Blitz." "Woah - you totally did a nolan. You're a terrible friend.
by therambleman October 26, 2010
37 98
a pond sucking scum bag who deserves a round of applause because he gives everyone the clap, also gets black-snaked daily
NCSU Student #1: Ay yo, why is everyone clapping?
NCSU Student #2: Oh, it must be Nolan coming. I heard his ass got completely to' up last night.
by The_Tooth_Fairy February 28, 2010
69 185
A Cute lil Baby. A tiny girl. A cutie pie.
Look at that girl. She's such a Nolan!
by Jackalman November 13, 2007
49 215
Much like an Urban Cougar, except she's a woman well into her forties and still out tryin to do the sausage slide. The term comes from the fact that Nolan Ryan was still in his forties, but "still throwing heat."
"Dude, Aaron must be hammered to take THAT Nolan home. Maybe she's loaded?"
by Nick, the Mob Stopper November 07, 2007
26 195
A term used to define a slightly rotund male of caucasian ancestry. A Nolan is often found with odd glasses, greasy dreadlocks, and an awkward sence of fashion. A Nolan can usually be found ripping his bong or eating a lot of food due to the "munchies"
Did you see that dude in the shaggin-waggin?

Ya man, he was such a Nolan
by Zack McCormack October 30, 2007
50 220