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Is Short For, New Orleans Louisana
"I'm From The Nola Brah"
by DMoney December 04, 2003
friendly term used to refer to New Orleans, LA. This is NOT used as a derogatory term for New Orlean refugees; that term is Nolapp (New Orleans Poor People).
Nola: "I always love visiting Nola"

Nolapp: "Those fucking nolapps took over my tool shed and have been stealing gas out of my lawnmower."
by Kevin Coyle November 16, 2005
An uncommon female name that is found in both Latin and Celtic origin.

Although women with this name vary in personality, many tend to be unique. They are often very passionate and at times hyper. She is usually fun loving, happy, and rarely looses her temper. Someone with this name loves to feel loved, she likes complements and hugs, and is fairly easy to please. When she finds her true someone, she'll stay with him forever! Women with this name also tend to love animals and are typically attractive.

The name often translates to ‘Of Noble Birth’, ‘fair’, or ‘famous
1.) Nola really likes hugs.
2.) Nola went to the zoo yesterday, she got to feed the penguins!
3.) I saw Nola reading a book about Vampires, she likes those.
by ~*Raven*~ July 17, 2011
Pronunciation: NO-LA

Another name for New Orleans, Louisiana.
"What ya doin' in B.R. this weekend?"

"Dog, we hittin' NOLA and gettin' crnk on Bourbon!"
by FAcheech November 09, 2007
Modern Swedish word for drinking an undisclosed amount of beer. Commonly used by math and physics studens, where you, in their litterature, may find that the small letter n is used to define a natural numbers 1, 2, 3....

Öl, or sometimes Öhl is the swedish word for beer and öla is the activity of drinking said beverage. Nöla, naturally, means drinking an unspecified amount of beer.

Nöla is also a double pun, where when said straight out, it sounds somewhat like knulla, which means fuck in swedish.
The letter n also has the same sound as the word En, which means one in swedish. As such, you can fool a spouse, mother-in-law or concerned parts by saying: "I'm going out to have n öl", basicly any number of beers.
Me and Jonas nölade all night, it was awsome, the day after I got real angst.
by BadBadimo May 28, 2011
A Nola (short for granola) is a person that is excessively outdoorsy. Their lives revolve around their next camping trip, rafting trip, etc.
Dylan why would you ever mate with a bear your such a Nola!
by Radkuu July 12, 2011
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