more preferably known as Jack or Basil/Bazza. Get the hint? Call me noddy and there will be extreme pain heading your way. From basil.
eg. How r ya doin 2day noddy?
*basil punches first speaker in face*
by basil June 05, 2004
Top Definition
A nasal drone
He went on and on about Internet Explorer in a noddy
by MrT&J September 08, 2010
An extremely silly or foolish person (especially as a general term of abuse).
You did it again, dude! You seem kinda noddy today!
by CookieForgottenInOven March 06, 2015
1. A simpleton. A stupid, silly or foolish person.
Speaker #1: "When I dream, why don't I need my glasses?"
Speaker #2: "Dude, don't be such a fuckin noddy"
by Delboy007 August 16, 2007
Northern England slang for condom.

Also, an idiot.
Noddies are in the second drawer down!

Mate, don't be such a noddy all your life!
by HB31 September 10, 2012
Someone that is shit at fishing or someone that is fishing for pointless small fish. Someone that is intentially catching poinless small fish is 'Noddy Bashing'
Mark, Ross, Jov, and Will are examples of Noddies as they regularly blank (fail to catch fish). A noddy act would be to tie the hook on with a granny knot or put a boilie straight onto the hook. You would be a noddy if you had your bite alarms on fully volume.
by Fishergimp March 03, 2007
Something easy or mundane.
That's question was really noddy.
by Tom H-C January 06, 2007
Someone who lands him/herself into difficulty through acts of sheer stupidity, possibly without even realising they have done anything wrong.
I'm not surprised everyone was flashing you, you were driving on the wrong side of the road you noddy!
by Stew September 16, 2004

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