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Noah is a girl's best guy-friend, yet not gay. He's funny with pure humor and dirty alike. He's incredibly gorgeous and makes girls want to go up and hug him! He's usually carefree and loose but can be serious when necessary. A total bad-ass with a geeky, romantic and mysterious aura all around him!
Girl 1: "Hey, who's that guy you were with? He's cute, is he your boyfriend?"
Girl 2: "No, I wish. It's just Noah."
by Lady Magic May 24, 2011
Noah's are generally liked by others and care about what others think about them. Noah's usually respect others for who they are and do not try to change their surroundings and others. Noah's are usually highly sensitive people and tend to put a lot of pressure on themselves.
If dating a Noah, understand their personal space in very important to them. Even though Noah's are usually charismatic and seem to be extremely social, a Noah must have personal space more than most people.
Noah's are usually likeable due to them not trying to change, disrupt, and openly judge people for who they are and what they do.
Noah's may have a lot of friends and are well liked, but they are very selective when choosing who to surround themselves with on a consistent basis.
Noah want to make a positive impact to others and society, but they have a tendency to put too much pressure on themselves and have too many ideas and generally lose focus.
Noah's don't lose their cool very often, but then they do, watch out! Due to them consistent thinking/analyzing things, when they blow up, they tend to say very hurtful things.
Noah's seem to have a 'go with the flow" approach, but do not be fooled. This is because Noah's tend to over-think/over-analyze things.
On the physical side/simplistic side, Noah's generally put emphasis on having great hair.
To sum it up, Noah's are charismatic, fun, highly sensitive, over-thinkers, and put a ton of pressure on themselves.
Girl: So I am dating a new guy.

Girl 2: Oh Yeah. What's his name?

Girl: Noah.

Girl 2: What is he like?

Girl: He is charismatic, has great hair, seems intelligent, and seems to be free-spirited. Definitely more sensitive compared to other guys once you get to know him. Overall, most people seem to like them. But I will tell you one thing, Noah tends to over-think things and puts a lot of personal pressure on himself. He seems different than most guys, and I can't help but be drawn to him.
by myrhythm May 29, 2011
An extremely talented singer and musician who is extremely good-looking. Has very good style and taste in music and food. Generally a very cool person.
"Dude that kid is such a"Noah "

"I know man he must get all the girls with his musical talent!"
by zdfbfdazb February 21, 2009
A guy with long, brown hair and badly needs a haircut. However, He is very funny and has a strong confidence in who he his. He is crazy, but relaxed and is not embarrassed easily. Although he is not the hottest guy you have ever seen, to you he couldn't be more attractive. He is the best friend that you always wanted and treats you with utter respect. He loves you by hanging out with you and gazing into your eyes like there is no one else in the room. You know he deeply cares for you even though he has never actually said it in words. He is the best friend that will become your lover.
"I wish I had a guy like yours!"
"Well, he's not exactly mine yet... but he will be soon."
"He's so perfect for you!"
"I know, he's such a Noah!"
by Ennairb April 18, 2010
Funniest guy ever, usually quiet type, but gets all the insiders even when he's not supposed to be in on them... greatest smile, kinda clueless when it comes to girls but they all love him :) hes a really sweet guy hes there when it counts and can always make ya laugh even when youre a bout to cry. their nice and sweet and tend to resemble little lost puppies <3
awweh that noahs soo cute!!
by when you believers November 19, 2010
A name for a guy commonly associated with the man in the Bible who survived the flood by building the ark. Most Noah's will get sick of that reference at a young age, so don't make the joke to an older Noah.

Noah's are really sweet guys. They tend to love video games and computers or anything techy in general.

They'll do anything for the ones they love and hate it when you're upset with them. Some Noah's have short tempers but will do anything to make it up to you when they blow up.

They can be your best friend and closest companion. They won't betray or hurt you and despises anyone who has.
So did you hear I'm dating a Noah?" "Really? You're so lucky!
by Please Let this Name work November 29, 2010
one who gallops very fast.
"Woah, did you see how fast he was galloping down that road?"
"Yeah, he pulled a Noah!"
by dickslikejesus January 24, 2008