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North Chelmsford, otherwise referred to as chelmsford's ghetto. Most of the 'cool kids' live here, probably because they're all ghetto. But, don't be fooled, NoCho is not ghetto, and most of the 'ghetto' kids here are pretty wealthy or middle class. North Chelmsford is way cooler than the Center, because theres 3 pizza places within 5 minutes, a nail salon, 2 haor salons, a tanning place, a convinence store, a park to do drugs (Southwell) a lake, and tons of the fucking coolest kids you'll ever meet.
Kid-Dude, where I live sucks.
Kid-You must not live in NoCho
by ~!~!~!~!~!~ June 29, 2006
Having no nachos. A no-go on the nachos. Finding out that you can't have nachos.
"Oh man... nochos."
"Sorry, bro--nochos."
by tropopkins April 22, 2009

Meaning of "Understand?"

From Sava,
derived from "Don't you know?"
Kick the ball into the net, not over the net! Nocho?!
by Sam Turner May 20, 2004
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