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-A lack of performance in the bed, such as one like will johnson.
-Also used as an insult to tell someone that they are no good in the sheets.
-Also known as the "Will"

(There are signs to know if you have no-stroke)

-If you have ever thought you had a "vicious stroke". Odds are you don't.
-If you can only get with girls half your age or quadruple your size...odds are you have no-stroke.
-Damn! He just said you got "no-stroke"! You gunna let that shit slide?
-Boy your dick was weak as shit. You got "no-stroke"! Man your stroke was as bad as Wills!
-Damn she said your dick was like "will"?! You have "no-stroke"
-DUDE YOU HAVE "NO-STROKE". "Well I think my stroke is pretty vicious."
-I so would hit that chubby white chick right know Imma chubby chaser...Yea thats all you can hit...real women don't want a guy with "no-stroke".
by magicbumm328 August 10, 2010
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