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a short word for something you dont wanna say
you are a little niyah
by mr.quickiept3 November 26, 2010
A pretty girl with a huge butt. Like a butt of ridiculous size.
"Wow nicki minaj has ass, man."
"Hell yeah, but she's no Niyah."
by Tacobob11 July 15, 2014
A reply to "YOLO" meaning: Not If You Are Hindu
Conversation between two people:

"Are you really going to get with that girl that admittedly has AIDS?"


"NIYAH dude"
by finshaggy December 27, 2012
It mean to Jizz, to jizz on someone because they said something lame or because of excitement
John= I just bought these pink short
Me = Niyah niyah
by LP25 June 10, 2011