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Beautiful, strong, deliciously delightful, stunning, magnificent womyn goddess. She is the girl with all the cake! The name is derived from the essence of spirit that comes from new life and joyful rain. She is the amazon spirit alive on earth today. She enjoys the finer things in life but can also live in the woods barefoot and free. She loves children and the beautiful one named Gina.
by Wonder Womyn February 04, 2010
The most prettiest girl.

Hated by many .
But this doesn't stop her . She continues to keep her head held high & slay these hoes.
She has really good friends . And she a freak on the down- low . She forgives and never forgets. Her trust is easy to lose and hard to gain back.
Niya be pulling all the niggas !!
by valueablesource November 03, 2014
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