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A word from Norse lore referring to an exceptionally vile, despicable person - a person completely without honour. Examples include murderers and oathbreakers. NOTE: "Nithing" is NOT a misspelling of "nothing." It's a totally different word. It's more likely to be used by Heathens (neoPagan followers of the Norse Gods and Goddesses) than by other groups, but it has been seen elsewhere.
I don't know why those nithings expect anyone to fall for their lies anymore, we all know they couldn't tell the truth if their lives depended on it.
by thorswitch May 03, 2010
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The state and philosophy of nithing

nithing |ˈniθi ng |
exit with physical nil; no single result from you action, only mental yeild
I am nithing | nithing is a philosophy of the nithers, and the nithiologists
by inith January 21, 2011
A miss spelling of nothing; nothing in an upset manner
Kim: Hey you look a little down. What's wrong?
Claire: Nithing!! Leave me alone!
by peoplelovesogs October 07, 2009

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