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What happens to your nipples when you go outside in the cold wearing a t-shirt; shriviled up, hard nipples; stiff nipples.
"I got nippleitis so bad right now that my nips are hard enough to cut diamond!"
by Orginox March 24, 2006
It is a serious allergic reaction to cold weather. When the female nipple becomes, erect.
i have a serious case of nippleitis!
by Leeonz November 04, 2005
A swimmers term for erect nipples.
Bob- "I wonder why jenny had her arms crossed over her cheast today."
Jim- "I dont know, I guess she had nippleitis."
by Cuhdusmeed June 28, 2007
What happens when your nipples get hard in very cold weather. This happens to men and women. In some cases, nipple-itis can be seen if clothing is tight enough.
It's so cold out, I have nipple-itis.
Did you see Donna's nipple-itis?
by Kip Kooper February 01, 2013
When one's nipples are always hard, no matter what the situation.
John: "Dave your nipples are always so hard even when it isn't cold out"
Dave: "Yeah dude I have a serious case of nippleitis "
by jibbydibby September 17, 2015
a disease in the nipple area causing bleeding and pussing from the nipple area. Usually casued by peircings or biting of the nipples
Nippleitis is a gross disease
by LilJOnwhattt: July 15, 2005

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