Means something in Japanease, but sounds VERY gay in the American language
Nintendo Wii sounds cool but has a very different design to it
by Smedy June 27, 2006
Here's some more ways sayings for the Nintendo Wii:

"dammit!! i just came home, looked underneath the tv and somebody jacked my wii!"

"i can't believe they hit me off...they jacked my wii"

"don't bother johnny right now, he's playing with his wii."

"stfu fanboy and stop sucking on nintendo's wii"

"this guy is riding nintendo's wii hard"
Nintendo Wii... Who the fuck made the name?
by Ezgamer April 27, 2006
Pronounced as the "Nintendo Weee", as in "weeeeeeee" there goes the goddman wireless controller I just hurled out my window.

The Wii is an ugly electronic box of foreign assembly which displays images on your TV based upon how well you can spasm and jerk your wrist using the console's motion sensitive remote control. This is merely one innovation in a long line of Nintendo products designed to make you girate and giggle in front of your TV, while simultaneously cursing the manufacturer.
1. Dude, we're having a total Wii party at my house tonight. Bring lots of ice for your wrist.

2. FUCK you NINTENDO Wii!!! GODDDAMN FUCKING SHIT CONTROLLER!!!! WTF!!! NOT AGAIN! FUCK! (You will hear lots of language like this when the Wii is released.)
by ByronGman2 September 26, 2006
An overclocked GameCube bought by idiot consumers who don't know shit about real gaming who will hit themselves in the head when they realize the superior graphics of the 360 and PS3.
Nintendo Wii consumer - "My Wii is small and cheap. I love to play with my Wii all day."

360 Consumer - "I don't know if he's having a seizure or playing with his Wii. I'm going to watch an HD-DVD movie."

PS3 consumer - "When I got off work at my law firm. I'll hop in my Mercedes and buy a specially designed, gold-plated PS3 complete with rims and no vibrator. Then I'll pay $30 for a movie that came out 20 years ago just to watch it on my big-screen HD-TV 1080p."
by NotAFanBoy JustAWiiHater March 27, 2007
The crappiest and most boring and ugliest game graphics console ever made to mankind history.
Even the name sounds extremely gay.
And if you pay for 3 extra controllers to fully play 4 players games (mario kart, super smash bros and co) it will cost you as much as a PS3.
Alex : The PS3 will blast the Wii away-

Pete : Fuck the Nintendo Wii it sounds so gay. -

Josh : The Wii is cheap and cheaply made, its for poor people who can't buy food. -

Matt : What the fuck are those graphics?? You still playing on Xbox 1??
Ashton: No man its my new nintendo wii!
Matt: Holy shit, the graphics look like puke man. -
by dauragonjah November 08, 2006
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