the code name for smoking marijuana in the hsm. the "wii remote" being pipe, joint or bong, the "game" being the type of weed, and the "battery" being the lighter. the whole package is called "nintendo wii".
hey zachary lets go play nintendo wii at the hiking trail this weekend.
by james warren March 28, 2009
Proper Noun: An inferior gaming console primarily used by amateur or casual gamers, girls and homosexual males.

Many more serious gamers speculate that it appeals to these demographics due to the juvenile/childlike nature of many of the game titles, and the haphazard nature of the control design.

The vast majority of hardcore ignore the console entirely as if it does not exist.
Guy #1: Hey, my roommate recently purchased a Nintendo Wii

Guy#2: Really? I did not know he swung that way
by supaflyslater October 27, 2010
The official name of Nintendo's next console. Wii is pronounced as 'we'. The Nintend Wii's codename was the Nintendo Revolution. For a definition of the Nintendo Wii, search "Nintendo Revolution".
Gus: "Hey Stan, the Nintendo Revolution is now called the Nintendo Wii"
Stan: "The what?!"
Gus: "The Wii!"
Stan: "Wicked freshes!"
Gus: "Indeed"
by Sh0tgun Pete April 28, 2006
The official and unusual name for the Nintendo Revolution. Pronounced "we", it opens up many marketing posibilitys like:

"Do you Wii? We Wii"
"Wii will own you"
"Wii want it"
"I gotta take a Wii"
"Wii Will Wii Will Rock you"
"Wii Will, Wii in the u.s."

And my personal favorite:

"When we thought of the name, we were smoking Wiid"
Watch my Nintendo Wii cause I gotta take a wee.

"It seems to me that all they did was take the namesake of nintendo wifi and dropped the f and thought... shit.. that'll work.."
by Ezgamer April 27, 2006
Nintendo Wii- The latest underpowered overpriced console vomited out by Nintendo upon the unwashed moronic masses. Wii plays only bullshit kiddy games and Wii has an overrall lack of games. In this way Wii is pretty much like every other Nintendo console before it.
Dan: Hey you want me to pick up a Nintendo Wii for you from Walmart while I get mine?
Steve: Nah, I'm too busy having fun playing Halo 3 to make time for that kiddy bullshit. You can pick me up one though if I ever start to think obsessing over Nintendo's business strategy and sales figures as well as playing a console with no good games is in any way fun.
by Epsilon_Eridani October 25, 2007
An "all right" console. THe motion sensors and capabilities are crap though, and doesnt have many "adult" type games. A console for kids.
I hate it untill super smash bros brawl comes out then ill enjoy playing with a wii (haha)
Nintendo Wii is ok
by somedudeinmaryland01 May 11, 2007
The latest ripoff brought to you by Nintendo. $300 for a Gamecube with a new controller.
John: I paid $300 for a controller!?
Tim: You bought a Nintendo Wii!?!
John: Yeah, I've been robbed!
Tim: It's Nintendo, what did you expect?
by the runner October 05, 2007

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