Video games that i had.
Like SNES, Gamecube, and Wii.
Wait, dont forget my Gameboy!
Jim: Wanna play my Wii?
Bob: Yes!
Bill: YES!
Jim, Bob, Bill and Tom: *start playing the wii and play mario kart wii*
Jim: 1st place!
Bob: Right behind you! *uses koopa shell on jim*
Bill: 2nd place!
Wii: can you just STFU and play the game!?
Jim, Bob, Bill and Tim: Ok nintendo. whatever you say.
#wii #mario kart #play #dad gummit #nintendo
by u2dvdbono August 09, 2010
1)A Japanese company originally named Marafuku (i forget the meaning), but changed to Nintendo (from an old japanes word "leave luck to heaven") before it entered the game biz. Quite possibly the greatest company in the history of the world.
2)A company that makes games often thought to be for kids. People who think that are retards.
3)The Creators of Mario, Metroid, Zelda, and other games worthy of winning the award for Greatest Game Of All Time
4)The company that is consistently getting its best ideas ripped-off by Sony.
1) Apparently, Nintendo used to be Marafuku!
2) nintendo hater: Nintendo's a kiddy game company.
3) some guy: I just bought the new Mario game!
other guy: That is the greatest game EVER!!!!
4) Sony recently ripped off Wii on the subject of its motion sensitive controller.
#game company #marios father #sony #microsoft #pie
by Pieku October 04, 2006
Generic term used by someone who has no knowledge of gaming to refer to any gaming console, video game, or game-related device.
Girl: Stop playing your stupid Nintendo!

Boy: Girl, this is Halo...
#videogames #nentendo #games #playstation #xbox
by Bfox February 02, 2010
An incredibly successful video game company that started in the late 1800's making hanafuda cards. They then grew into a video game industry in the 70's and has become very popular since then. Nintendo created many recognizable characters in the gaming industry such as Mario, Link, Kirby and Samus. Nintendo also saved the industry from the Great Video Game Crash of 1983 with the R.O.B, or Family Computer Robot, as it was known in Japan. It was a peripheral for the NES that helped save the games industry. Nintendo called it a toy rather than a console, and more people decided to invest in it. Thus Nintendo singlehandedly saved the industry.

Today, however, many Xbox and Playstation fanboys and fangirls are unaware of Nintendo's great history, and how it saved the industry, and bash the company for it's "kiddy" games. Because the games are marketed towards children rather than people in their 20's living in their parent's basements, many people regard them as irrelevant.
Xbox fanboy: Nintendo makes kiddy games and is a disgrace to the gaming industry!
Nintendo fan: Don't you know that Nintendo saved the gaming industry in 1983? If it wasn't for them, your percious Xbox wouldn't exist.
Xbox fanboy: Whatever, it still sucks butt.
Nintendo fan: *sighs and walks away*
#nintendo #games #gaming #companies #gamers
by TheLopman April 30, 2015
what oldies refer to as video games because they don't know of the xBox, PlayStation or Gamecube
Father: Aren't you too old to play Nintendo?
Kid: I'm playing xBox.
#gaming #games #nintendo 64 #gc #fun #oldies
by Serminigo May 07, 2006
Currently a Japanese Video Game company. The name means 'leave luck to heaven' in Japanese.

This game company started making card games over a century ago, who now makes video games and the console devices to play those video games. The sad fact is that they believe they're making millions which god bless them with then in reality, the western world forces them to make those clever little gadgets and pay them for it.
Nintendo is doing well again to meet that demand we set them but I'm just not going to buy it and all!
#nintendo #video games #consoles #japan #company
by I_am_a_loser September 08, 2013
Slang for any box connected to a tv to play games.
Kid A: Hey lets go play nintendo...
Kid B: Yeah deathmatch halo maing..
#sega #xbox #atari #games #playstation #360
by steven hilton iv August 11, 2006
The cute dimples on the small of a woman's back just above her ass. When you you hold a woman's waist in doggy-style, it's like playing a nintendo controller.
Was in the bar last night and this one girl walked by with a skimpy littel shirt on, her nintendos were so sexy I couldn't focus on anything else.
#tramp stamp #booty #nintendo #doggy style #ass
by Donjavaman October 18, 2011
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