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A fat puffy boy or man! Extremely fat that his skin looks like dough. This person usually has no form of exercise in the past few years what-so-ever!
I may become fat even when I've worked out years ago, I would look like a big bear and not end up looking like Doughboy!
by I_am_a_loser August 10, 2013
Block Bitching is when two parties on Messenger, Skype or some other messenger services, threatens to block each other through the service when they aren't really settling aside their differences using the chat. This can often cause one or both parties to set up new email accounts just for the situation, get back up from teams and enforcements and create other usernames to get them back or to avoid each other or get a reaction from the other person just because of the 'Block' function.

The Ignore button in a chatroom is pretty much the same thing!
Person A: You are special!
Person B: You're BLOCKED!

Person A: Going to start block bitching now?
Person B: ...
Person A: I'm going to set up another account to see if I could get an answer from you.
by I_am_a_loser September 08, 2013
When a user in an internet chatroom or forum becomes really hostile towards a moderator for them to eject that user out of the chatroom or internet forum!

Hostile users attempt to annoy and offend the community chatroom or forum and it's moderators every way they can, resulting with the moderators banning them despite many warnings and guideline notices given by the the community or moderators towards that hostile user and may even close their account.
Hostile user: You'll of full of crap and I hope you all die!
Moderator: I've asked you three times, could you stop insulting the community and myself?
Hostile User: Screw you!
*Hostile user has been kicked out of the room by Moderator*
Community Member: What was the point of that!

Some Random User: That user has committed cyber-suicide by moderator!
by I_am_a_loser November 17, 2013
The card that users pulls on another party in an online forum or chatroom when they're quiet after a massive argument has taken place in an effort to talk them down or to blackmail the other users into not accepting and to defame the other opposing party but don't really talk about anything else other then the opposing party.
User A: Damn you!
User B: Damn you too!
User A: ...
User B: ...
User A: Life is great!
User B: ...
User A: You see folks, ignore the trolls and they be bored and find something else to do!

User B: Oh, he pulled the 'Ignore the Trolls Card' on me! I was just minding my own business, that's really unfair, I had to answer my doorbell!
by I_am_a_loser September 20, 2013
What everyone has when they first use a chatroom or messenger service. This gets broken when people meet online and then decide to arrange direct meets up to see them in person!
Anonymous A: Oh hi, I like you!
Anonymous B: I like you too
Anonymous A: Let's meet up, you'll no longer be a chatroom virgin!
Anonymous B: Sure!
by I_am_a_loser September 11, 2013
A practice of rituals and other activities performed online or using the internet, involving harassment, abuse or humiliation used as a way of initiating a person into a group .
Hey, no one talks to you, now drink loads of beer and record yourself throwing it up! Post it online for everyone to see.
What? Another cyber-hazing ritual to let me into your group? No thanks!
by I_am_a_loser January 20, 2015
When someone agrees to post you messages or emails on a certain time or day using a computer or digital device with internet connection however they don't post the messages after making such plans.
Person A: He told me that he'll email me tonight, however I was waiting for his email and messages on facebook but it never showed up. I saw him the next day, only for him to tell me, that he forgot to send the important email. He cyber-stood me up. Didn't he cyber-stood me up?

Person B: He clearly cyber-stood up you on that day.
by I_am_a_loser January 11, 2015

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