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a nigger and a chink have sex with no protection of course and the girl gets pregnant and the baby is a NINK! ninks are pretty cool
"Yo! My friend Shaniqua is pregnant with a NINK!"

"Yeah she did it with a chinese dude!"
"Damnnn! thats amazing!!!"
"I know right!"
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nap drink (alcoholic). having a bottle in your hand while you're dozing off, or waking up.
"just having a little nink before bed"

"pass me my nink!"

"Ninking AGAIN?"
by nungover ninker April 15, 2011
short name for nincompoop.
I just saw a crowd of ninks.
by getdownwithgabe December 29, 2009
Nink is Nothing for Criminals. in prison people only say Nink not nothing.
Nink ventured, Nink gained!

oi bruv what you made that jack outta?
Nink... mind your own!
by lappinwarren February 04, 2010
Nink (noun) A person who is of both German and Chineese decent. A Nazi-chink.
Felix is a raging nink.
by Friendly_fire March 04, 2005

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