(Pirate talk) A corruption of the word Ninja. This terminology is commonly associated with weathered pirates who fight ninjas regularly.
Where ye be hidin'?, Here ninjer, ninjer, ninjer..
by Amy the Pirate June 15, 2008
Top Definition
A derogatory, slanderous slur referring to ninjas.
Mr. Xu:"Whats up my ninja?"
Dawon: "Oh, whats up ninjer."
Mr. Xu: "Whoa, man not cool."

Mr. Xu:"Hey did you hear about Dawon?"
Mrs. Xu: "No what happened"
Mr. Xu: "He got beat up by a bunch of ninjas because he called them ninjers!"
by A real-life Ninja August 06, 2011
A black ginger.
Alex: "I've never seen a black man with freckles before..."
Me: "Johnny your a black ginger!"
Tyler: "HE'S A NINJER!"
by Big Asian Daddy April 24, 2010
A ninja that has red hair.
Oh my god did you see that "ninjer" he may have chopped those gang bangers up with his sword but he has no soul! god damn gingers.....
by poopfarterz November 27, 2010
A ginger ninja.
dude that ninja has red hair ( ginger ) ; what a ninjer.
by ThatOneBrownKid July 07, 2013
Another word for the feudal Japanese warriors known as the ninja, as used in the English dubbing of the Ninja Death movie series.
"I was attacked by a couple of Japanese ninjers!"
by Matthew S. Bondy January 16, 2004
A ninja that hails from the interweb and is more awesome than a normal ninja ever could be.
zomg it r ninjers!!!!!11
by PhoenixJ May 19, 2007
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