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A condom a frat boy/bro would use.
"Brojans" keeping date rape just accusations since 1909!
by poopfarterz December 01, 2010
A large overweight bro!
Looks like Tom has been hitting the Jack in the box way to much he has reached Jumbro status!
by poopfarterz December 03, 2010
A ordinary sexual encounter for a bro that lasts usually 20-45 seconds of sheer mediocrity.
A lot of people say I am a minute man but i suffer from prebrojaculation,I really think Natty lite is the problem!
by poopfarterz December 03, 2010
A smaller condom made just for frat boys.....
"Brostyles" for when magnums are just to big!
by poopfarterz December 01, 2010
A ninja that has red hair.
Oh my god did you see that "ninjer" he may have chopped those gang bangers up with his sword but he has no soul! god damn gingers.....
by poopfarterz November 27, 2010

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