Term used to describe a woman's arse - usually dripping with fat and cellulite, that is massively disproportionate in size to the rest of her body - in reference to the large and robust differential seen hanging under the rear of some Ford motor vehicles.
'Man check the fucking nine - inch on that huge bitch!'
by R Yenarg August 01, 2005
Top Definition
1) Size of an extraordinarily large penis.

2) Less than one percent of all males make up this category.
"Why the hell is she with that guy? He's such a loser!" "I don't know, maybe he has nine inches or something!"
by Kurt91 June 17, 2004
taken from the large, heavy duty ford produced motor vehicle differential of the same name this term is used to describe the largeness of a female's arse
'fuck, look at the nine inch on that!' or 'mate that's a fully braced big competition nine inch on that huge bitch' or simply 'niiiinnnee innnnncchh!!!'
by roron June 05, 2003
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