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a name meaning twinkle of the eyes.

1. a smart intellactual and classy person not a hoe
Nimisha is pretty ricky's numba fan
by nishi December 27, 2005
A girl from tulsa oklahoma, usually of the hot type, Extremely sexy, sometimes like a nymphomaniac. Likes to wear thongs.
My boy just slept with Nimisha last nite.
by tolduso December 09, 2003
A beautiful human being that can make all your dreams come true in a minute. Descendent of the hindu goddess Nimishamba, She is loving and caring and very beautiful. Nimisha is always prepared no matter what and is highly organised. She always is willing to help others, she easily makes people happy and she's always up for a great time.

Can be used as an adjective for someone who is very organised.
She's so organised! She's such a Nimisha!
by Jak P August 22, 2013
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