Nim is a derogatory term widely used in Essex to describe homosexual people. It is the same as using the word 'gay'.
That Patrick kid, he's so nim!
by shoeguy123 June 24, 2013
Nims- Someone or Something that has costed you.

-Costing you, meaning let you down in anyway.
______(name) let us down. Way to be a Nims.

Ex: Ryan let us down. Way to be a Nims.
by BabyBoi, FelipeBball, Monger August 26, 2009
A word used to replace ALL words in a song lyric, when humming it with a strange indian/arabic accent.
(with a fluctuating vocal tone)
Person 1- *Sitting alone, rocking back & forth*
"Nim nim nim, nim nim, nimmm nim nimnim, nim, nim nim, nim nim nim..."

Person 2- "What are you doing?"

Person 1- *Immediately stops* "Um, nothing...nothing...sup?"
by Stiglim January 15, 2012
1.) An able bodied, lithe person.

2.) Flexible, but always returning to its original shape.
1.) Those Jabberwocky dancers are so Nim!
by cadillac55 February 05, 2010
Non Important Message
My pants are made of soup. (NIM)
by Micah May 31, 2003
A naughty itchy mole derived from boredom in a maths lesson. Can be used in conversations involving nom.
Person 1: "Nom nom nom" (eating a cake)
Person 2: "Nim Nim Nim"
Person 1: "Wtf?"
Person 2: "Oh. Just a naughty itchy mole."
by cjsimclark July 29, 2010
a word used in frustration when swear words are inappropriate. Originted from mock the week and is used in a wider context by certain students in kings international college

origional students to use NIM at kings:
Maria, Alice, Jack, Solomon, philippa and soofiya
person one- you screwed up on question one
person two- NIM!!
by MOLEMAN48 January 23, 2008

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