A name for the weird relationship that was Miley Cyrus and Nick Jonas. For whatever reason, Miley's name overpowers Nick's, like in Nelena.
Annie: "Whoa, did you see Nelena in Seventeen Magazine?!"
Andrea: "YEAH, they're totally in love!"
Layla: "What about NILEY?! They were sooo original!"
*Everybody now hates Layla*
#niley #nelena #miley #cyrus #nick #jonas #selena #gomez #relationships #disney
by Kalisha(: bebo.com/HappyMiley January 25, 2009
Top Definition
The AMAZING couple of Miley Cyrus and Nick Jonas. These two people were and still are in love and will forever remain in each others hearts. They are both happiest when around the other. Niley is the cutest couple in Hollywood!!
A:Don't Nick and Miley make the CUTEST couple?
B: You mean Niley? YES!!!
#niley #miley cyrus #nick jonas #nick and miley #niley jyrus
by NileySupporterForever May 01, 2009
Nickname for Miley Ray Cyrus and Nick Jonas from Jonas Brothers.
The Cutest relationship was for sure, Niley.
#miley #ray #cyrus #nick #jonas #brothers #niley
by Sammierdx January 12, 2009
A celebrity couple made up of Nick Jonas of the Jonas Brothers(who no one likes) and Miley Cyrus(who everyone likes). For some reason Nick Jonas got Miley Cyrus to like him and his ugliness and they dated for a period of time when they were 13-15 and then broke up. They got back together after each dating whores in 2009 and then broke up again after like a month. Every sane person knows they'll get back together after Liam, Miley's current boyfriend, is out of the picture.
Suzie writes Niley porn, which is a fanfiction in which Nick Jonas and Miley Cyrus molest each other repeatedly.
#niley #milk #mick #love #miley cyrus #nick jonas
by The_F0r3v3r June 23, 2010
somethin thats nicley done but in a sly way
gimp1: that was niley done
gimp2: its alright lad its in my blood
#nicley #sly #gimp #imi #niley
by gimp3 January 17, 2008
a word commonly used to refer to the terrible match up of the hideous and slutty, skanky-hoe, miley cyrus, and the gorgeous nick jonas. this will go down in history as the worst matched couple (thank-you zac efron), and for the record it ended because the whore cheated on nick with her guitarist. many people who hear the name for the first time think that it is a disease. quite frankly, anything having to do with miley cyrus is disease-like anyway. as for anyone who discovers a new virus, or infection of any kind, it should be named niley just to make things rite in the world.
Niley was the worst thing to happen to the world, I'm so happy it's over so Nick doesn't have to be embarrassed by her anymore.
#miley #whore #skank #mistake #disgrace #disease
by Deegs February 17, 2008
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