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An amalgamation of the words morbid and obese. Meaning to be so overweight that simple everyday tasks, i.e.- walking or getting out of bed, become impossible.

Being so fat that others are disgusted by the mere thought of you.

Also see Morbidly Obese.
Most Americans are considered morbese.

"Dude, James is a biscuit away from weighing 500 pounds. I never realized how morbese he was."

"I can't believe of morbese Jane is. It makes me want to vomit every time I see her. It is seriously disgusting."
by Deegs April 18, 2008
a word commonly used to refer to the terrible match up of the hideous and slutty, skanky-hoe, miley cyrus, and the gorgeous nick jonas. this will go down in history as the worst matched couple (thank-you zac efron), and for the record it ended because the whore cheated on nick with her guitarist. many people who hear the name for the first time think that it is a disease. quite frankly, anything having to do with miley cyrus is disease-like anyway. as for anyone who discovers a new virus, or infection of any kind, it should be named niley just to make things rite in the world.
Niley was the worst thing to happen to the world, I'm so happy it's over so Nick doesn't have to be embarrassed by her anymore.
by Deegs February 17, 2008

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