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The AMAZING couple of Miley Cyrus and Nick Jonas. These two people were and still are in love and will forever remain in each others hearts. They are both happiest when around the other. Niley is the cutest couple in Hollywood!!
A:Don't Nick and Miley make the CUTEST couple?
B: You mean Niley? YES!!!
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by NileySupporterForever May 01, 2009
A member of the Niley Family is any individual who loves and supports the couple Niley. (Nick Jonas and Miley Cyrus)Members of the Niley Family have also pledged to never close down their Youtube Accounts, so that they can reunite over the internet when Nick Jonas and Miley Cyrus get married.
A: Are you a Niley Fan?

B: Of course! I'm part of the Niley Family!

A: Really, me too!
#niley #miley cyrus #nick jonas #miley and nick #miley jonas
by NileySupporterForever May 01, 2009
The worst match up in the world between slutty Selena Gomez and amazingly talented Nick Jonas. Although they dated for quite a while, everyone knows that Selena was Nick's bounce back girl after he broke up with Miley Cyrus. Sick is sometimes referred to as Nelena, but most people like to think of it as SICK.
A: Eeeew. I heard Selena and Nick are dating!
B: I know, it's DISGUSTING!
A: You know what's funny? When you combine their names you get SICK!
B: lol. Just like the actual couple!
#sick #selena gomez #nick jonas #nelena #nick
by NileySupporterForever May 01, 2009
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