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the coolest person alive
you are with Badman Nikolai, props yo..
by dreds January 15, 2011
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A caring loving guy. To find out who he truly is you would have to look farther than what you first see. He is very fragile. One girl could ruin his world in a second just by breaking up with him. Don't take his love for granted or you will regret it.
Omg my boyfriend bought me black roses and a teddy bear for Valentine's Day he is such Nikolai.
by youknowme113 July 10, 2011
1. A male standing around 6'1" since the age of 12.

2. Type of Vodka

3. Town in Alaska measuring 4.9 square miles, with 4.5 of said square miles being land. Town consists of about 100 people crammed into 47 houses, mostly of Native American decent. About 339 miles from Anchorage.

4. Name that the next male 'N' hurricane needs to be named.
1. Since he's so tall, Nikolai makes a great little brother!

2. I got so drunk on that Nikolai that I couldn't leave my bed for three days.

3. Once you move away from Nikolai, you never look back.

4. Why the f*#$ is there no Hurricane Nikolai?!
by GIDL September 04, 2008
A wannabe Russian
By night, they plot against the White House & the Crown
By day they plot against the White House & the Crown. They're the father of all the conspiracy theories; the illuminati symbol and the Microsoft logo both base their designs on a Nikolai's dick AND vagina (oh yeah, did I forget to mention that a Nikolai's sexuality/gender is never revealed and is extremely alternating?)
A Nikolai hates parties because of what happened last time, and they have develop sociopathic obsessions with their theories/ideas
Their pubes shine with a dazzling green (in honor of their Shrek God), along with having diamond-infused sperm and bleed vodka.
A Nikolai always pairs denim with gold leather and has tattooed their shades to their skull.
With 69 sets of teeth and a terminator dick, a Nikolai is a force to be reckoned with

He's also one of the few who can reach 19th base and live to tell the tale
Ben: Did you hear about Obama's assassination?

Nikolai: *wipes Obama's blood from his denim blazer* nah broski, I was just- *kills Ben for knowing too much*
by quentinMumarino April 06, 2015

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