The slang term for cigarettes. Origin is from the word nicotine. Similar to the way other drugs have nicknames to represent them. (I.e. Mary Jane, Molly, Lucy, Vicki, etc.)

Created by the rapper Logic on his debut album, "Under Pressure"
"Man, I need Nikki! I'm so stressed right now"
After that blunt, Nikki sounds great right now...
I can barely breathe, my lungs are probably black as hell. Thanks Nikki!
by The Bix October 25, 2014
Nicotine "A Prescription Drug" Also Known For Cigarettes.
"Do you want to smoke some nikki's after this hard stressful day?"
by MiguelVII. May 30, 2015
The most perfect person youll ever met. Can make you feel loved in an instant, and broken in a day. The one person you go to for help, and no matter what shes feeling she will help. Summary, the most loveable caring person you will ever met. And the sexiest.
That girl, Nikki, Is amazing.
by floorlicker September 14, 2010
Usually a girl that has big boobs and a big or medium sized butt, can be slutty, most often very full of herself and thinks she's so popular and better than everyone.
"Hey, did you see that girl? Yeah, she looks like a Nikki. Obviously with her slutty looks, she's a Nikki."
by GretzyFTW March 30, 2015
A disgusting piece of garbage. A fat, worthless use of space. She has NO personality and its the FAKEST cunt you'll ever meet. She will come off as a nice person at first but will change in the snap of a finger. She smells like her pussy is open to the public beach. She has atrocious titties abd the nappiest of hair.
Look at the monsterous gorilla.
Thats a Nikki shes live in Garbageé.
Whats that?
Its a town in the state of Reycylé.
by MisterMistress May 17, 2015
one of the sexiest, coolest people u will ever know

she can brighten ur day with just a smile

and she can turn u on just by poking u

loves horror movies more than anything

VERY possessive =P

she's the best
ruan: i love nikki so much

you: dawwwwwwww

by takeaguessnikki=P November 26, 2008
Nikki is one of the most beautiful, caring people you will ever meet! she is a best friend, a sister, an amazing nurse and allrounder!! she is always ther to give u a chuckle and her many range of laughs can keep u in stitches for hours! someone you will come back to see and love always and forever unconditionally!
hahaha listen to that halarious chuckle, must be Nikki
by kourtney22 May 25, 2010

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