A selfish bitch that fucks everybody she meets
Jason "dude me and Nikki have been together for 2 months"
Zac "me and Nikki have been fucking for a month now"
Jason "..."
by babygurl96 January 14, 2012
The slang term for cigarettes. Origin is from the word nicotine. Similar to the way other drugs have nicknames to represent them. (I.e. Mary Jane, Molly, Lucy, Vicki, etc.)

Created by the rapper Logic on his debut album, "Under Pressure"
"Man, I need Nikki! I'm so stressed right now"
After that blunt, Nikki sounds great right now...
I can barely breathe, my lungs are probably black as hell. Thanks Nikki!
by The Bix October 25, 2014
a Communist lunatic, who has a part-time job as a Nazi
wow Hitler's bad but have you heard of Nikki
by DoYouWannaDie.gov May 22, 2016
A Communist Lunatic who has a part-time job as a Nazi
wow hitler's bad but have you heard of Nikki
by DoYouWannaDie.gov May 22, 2016
A Nikki will claim to love you but will take credit for every good thing you have done. A Nikki will also claim that she is always right and never wrong. A Nikki will also leave you high and dry with her own flesh and blood because she is "stressed" and yet claim to have been loyal, and expect forgiveness when she forgives no one.
"She left you with her kid for how long? Damn, you got Nikki'ied on that one."
by Left96 March 02, 2010
Nicotine "A Prescription Drug" Also Known For Cigarettes.
"Do you want to smoke some nikki's after this hard stressful day?"
by MiguelVII. May 30, 2015
Usually a girl that has big boobs and a big or medium sized butt, can be slutty, most often very full of herself and thinks she's so popular and better than everyone.
"Hey, did you see that girl? Yeah, she looks like a Nikki. Obviously with her slutty looks, she's a Nikki."
by GretzyFTW March 30, 2015
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