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A large green porcupine resposible for causing most of the trouble in fairy tales, like allerting the bears to goldilocks presence, convincing the wolf that the three pigs had large stores of marijuana in their houses, and pushing humpty dumpty off the wall.

The Nikia has the uncanny knack of appearing invisible to those with the intention of recording it. Thus, the Nikia rarely appears in the tales it ruins. Many assumptions have been made to the true nature and appearance of these beings, but nobody knows for sure what they look like.

I don’t know why I told you it was a porcupine... Hell, I don’t even know if it exists! Why are you looking at me that way?! DON'T JUDGE ME!!
The mNIKIAagical beanstock that you sold your only livestock for haNIKIAd a man-eating giant at the top of it?! What are the odds!?! This has Nikia written all over it...
by gurple June 16, 2010
A parody of the mobile phone company Nokia.
Originates from a the common typo of the word Nokia.
Go play with your Nikia, you ignorant little man.
by ekyman July 26, 2004
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